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Pure + Botanical Perfumes for All People

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Announcement   Plant-based, Artisan Aromatherapy. Chemical and Synthetic Fragrance Free.
***HOLIDAY DELAY - Please Note that All Orders Ship JANUARY 15, 2019***


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Plant-based, Artisan Aromatherapy. Chemical and Synthetic Fragrance Free.
***HOLIDAY DELAY - Please Note that All Orders Ship JANUARY 15, 2019***

Britney Baer

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Britney Baer



All Tribes Apothecary - Behind the Scenes!

This little Etsy shop combines nearly everything I love into one big Adventure in creating and sharing.

It began with essential oils, how I loved to blend and share them. I concocted a plan to sell some of my creations and use the profits to fund purchasing all the exotic oils that I dreamed of using. I loved the idea that people would be able to "try on" the rare, more expensive oils that they wouldn't buy themselves by experiencing them in my fun, affordable products.

Then came the research part because I am a huge geek. I LOVE getting carried away with all the fascinating details about almost anything. I became so intrigued with aromatherapy that I couldn't stop learning about it- the modern use all the way back to ancient civilations. I was so attracted to the idea that our emotions are deeply connected to and affected by our senses. I am a Christian and this idea just rang true... that God has provided so much on this earth for our sustainment, pleasure, and well-being. We know that lavender is calming, bright citruses are uplifting, and woodsy smells are refreshing. What else out there might give us that rush of comfort, joy, or energy? The possibilities were exciting.

Creating the labels gave me an excuse to spend the afternoons sketching and painting. Developing the shop has been a fun outlet for photography and design. And I'm constantly researching more about oil safety, perfumery, and aromatherapy. I have a little notebook that is full of the ideas that I'm waiting to develop next.

Most recently, the new line of Bible perfumes that I'm launching soon has my imagination constantly running away with me. I love bringing life to some of the people, stories or even moments from Scripture. How might Queen Esther have smelled after 6 months of beauty treatments with myrrh and spices in Ancient Persia? What about Eden, with it's freshly-birthed blossoms and trees? Or the rich, sensual descriptions of fragrance in Song of Solomon? Basically, #cantstopwontstop.

I hope you enjoy browsing the shop. And I hope you'll stick around to see all the new additions coming. You can find me on Instagram @alltribesapothecary, where I'll be updating about giveaways and offering coupon codes and giving little behind-the-scene glimpses of the process behind the products. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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    "Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground." -Rumi "Man's chief end is to glorify God and enjoy him forever."

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Frequently asked questions

Perfumes from the Apothecary are generally final sale due to hygienic reasons. However, contact me if you are unsatisfied with your order. I also encourage buyers to message me before selecting a fragrance if you are uncertain about a description or unfamiliar with the oils used in a blend. I'm happy to chat!

Choosing a Perfume

Selecting a perfume online can be a difficult task! I do my best to accurately describe the notes and personality of each perfume, but fragrances are very personal and occasionally people may have different responses to the same scent.

If you are unsure which type of perfume will best fit your preferences, I welcome your messages! I love to match people with the right perfume. I also encourage buyers to contact me if you are unfamiliar with the oils used in a blend or would like me to elaborate on a description.

Finally, to try a fragrance without committing to a full perfume purchase, samples are available for $2 each.

Wearing a Perfume

The fragrance of a natural perfume will evolve in a process that is unique to every wearer. The chemistry of an essential oil causes variation in how they evaporate: top notes (like bright citruses) are strongest when first applied, middle/heart notes will mingle to form the body of the scent, and finally the base notes (such as root and resin oils) will linger the longest on the skin. Appreciating the way a perfume unfolds on you personally is part of the beauty and intimacy of wearing natural fragrances.

The tenacity of each perfume will depend on the oils in the blend, but every blend includes fixative base notes that will prolong the scent.

Allow a perfume 30 minutes of wear-time to appreciate the full body of the fragrance.

Preserving your Perfume

Essential oils are naturally light sensitive and lose their effectiveness with prolonged exposure to heat, light, and/or air. To prolong the life of your perfume, keep it air-tight and store it safely away from these types of environments.

The shelf-life of essential oils is generally around one year, with delicate top notes being the most volatile and the thicker base-note oils lasting the longest. The presence of luxurious Jojoba (a liquid wax) and Meadowfoam oil act as natural preservatives, extending the shelf-life because of their stability.

What makes this product therapeutic?

Because these perfumes are made with essential oils, they contain the complete chemical compounds found in the original plant material. Compared with synthetic or adulterated fragrance oils that evaporate quickly and provide no benefits other than a strong smell, the structure of an essential oil allows it to be easily absorbed into the skin where it can begin to work it’s specific beneficial properties. Once the oil is absorbed into the skin and the aroma is “picked up” by the brain, it acts in similar ways to certain drugs by triggering the release of neurotransmitters such as adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin or endorphins. In simpler terms, they are an efficient yet completely natural way to inspire positive, pleasant emotions.

Are these high-quality essential oils?

Yes! All the essential oils and absolutes used in these products are 100% pure, and I keep them properly stored away from heat and light. I only purchase oils from reputable sources that provide third party GS/MS test results showing that the oils themselves are unadulterated and that the compounds within the oil are at the appropriate levels to be considered therapeutic quality. All items are sold in dark amber glass to protect and maintain the integrity of the oil, and they are blended into a natural carrier mix of sweet almond oil with jojoba wax and meadowfoam oil (natural preservatives) to extend the shelf-life.

How diluted are the perfumes?

I dilute my blends between 5%-8% presence of essential oil into a high-quality carrier oil, which is the highest recommended concentration according to the general safety guidelines of aromatherapy. Essential oils are extremely aromatic and potent substances; only a small amount is needed to achieve the therapeutic benefits. If you would like a less potent blend for any reason, please contact me for customization.

Are these perfumes safe for pregnancy and/or breastfeeding?

Proper dilution is generally the key for essential oil safety, but there ARE a few essential oils that are not recommended for pregnancy and breast-feeding. I encourage buyers to research ingredients and take any necessary precautions for their personal health, but please message me if you have any questions!

Are these perfumes safe for children?

Most of my perfumes are concentrated for the average adult wearer; a higher dilution is generally recommended for children. Contact me if you're looking for a blend that has especially safe oils for children or if you would like to customize any existing blend. I encourage buyers to research ingredients and take any necessary precautions for their personal situation and health, but please message me if you have any questions!