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In my shop You can find real Baltic Amber Jewelry pieces. All amber is real and natural. No heat or pressed amber. All colors are from nature.
Nowadays amber is a rare gem, it's price is equal or higher then topaz.

Amber is a natural resin which oozed its way out of a tree and eventually fossilized at any time from recent times back to the Carboniferous Period of some 300 million years ago. As the climate warmed the conifer trees began exuding large amounts of resin and as the millennia progressed, these exudations became stable.

There is only one place on Earth where amber can be found. Amber minings are located in Baltics. It accounts for some 90% of the known amber in the world.
Between 35 and 50 million years ago, sap oozed out from a forest of conifers in the region now covered by the Baltic Sea, and eventually hardened into clear lumps. Shoved around northern Europe by glaciers and river channels, lumps of genuine Baltic amber can still be found today on the eastern coasts of England and Holland, throughout Poland, Scandinavia and northern Germany and much of western Russia and the Baltic states. Due to historical events Baltic Amber is also well known as Russian Amber. But now it's more offen called Baltic Amber because of it's natural location in Baltics.

From ancient times are well known healing properties of Amber. Wearing close to the skin amber releasing therapeutic properties naturally and continuously. Amber is always warm on touch like no other stone in the World. So it's touch is pleasant from the first moment when You start wearing amber jewelry. This property is more important for Babies and kids due their sensitivity. So it's possible to use amber as healing jewelry for small babies and kids.

What kind of healing properties does Amber have?

1. Amber is a Fossil resin from the Pine trees and Firs, so amber contains Succinic Acid. Baltic amber contains 3-8% of succinic acid, a scientifically examined medical substance used in contemporary medicine. Succinic acid is commercially produced, widely used and approved for use by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Baltic amber is naturally high in this substance, and is one of the most important natural sources of succinic acid in the world.
A powerful anti oxidant that helps fight toxic free radicals and disruptions of the cardiac rhythm. Succinic acid has been shown to stimulate neural system recovery and bolster the immune system, it helps restore strength and energy to the entire body and enhances brain function, thereby improving awareness, concentration, reflexes, and reducing stress.
It's a also known for its youth preserving and cell rejuvenating properties. It is commonly used in anti-aging formulations and to aid recovery of cancer patients after undergoing standard medical therapies. Research at the University of Hamburg, Germany confirms the safe and positive effects of succinic and fumaric acids in cellular metabolism.

2. Amber electrostatic properties are used for healing. It has long been respected as a natural ionizer and for its ability to produce negative ions which help to ease pain and stimulate the healing process. Baltic Amber is also known to provide protection from harmful radiation emitted from computers, cell phones, microwave ovens and electrical devices.

3. Amber is used to clear the chakras, to fill the body with vitality, alleviate stress, and is believed to help draw disease out of the body and encourage healing. Baltic amber is a natural analgesic and possesses anti-inflammatory properties, so is often used to ease joint pain. It also acts as a natural antibiotic and has a long history of use in healing wounds.

4. Succinic acid may be called a scientifically described, modern elixir of youth. Succinic acid is also a valuable product for sportspeople. It is not a stimulant improving one's effort on a single event basis, but rather a stimulator of a balanced, comprehensive development.

5. For aged people, succinic acid has proved to be indispensable. It is capable of restoring the energy balance at the cellular level, which is often upset as the years go by, and helps the patient regain his youthful energy

6. For small babies amber is used for teething pain relieving. It helps calm a baby without medications. Used for centuries amber's natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties are perfect to soothe teething babies.

7. And the last, but not least Amber Jewelry is a Mother Nature Treasure to own, for centuries was worn only by nobility and not affordable to the masses. It's not renewable treasury. And nowadays it's not so simple to get pure rare and luxury amber jewelry.


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