AmbersAnomalies' Shop Announcement

There are four collections in my current product line.

The Ethereal Collection is made up of winged beings, both large and small. They are made using assorted feathers, natural woods, and mango seed covers. Typical pricing for these range anywhere from $25 to $55, depending on the size and design. These can usually be finished in less than five hours. Usually... but sometimes they take a lot more. Although that's the case, I'm not painfully raising the price to reflect this... so despite how much work goes into them, any regular Joe or Jane can afford to buy these lovely creatures. Become a Facebook fan at for sneak peeks at the newest items and for special deals! :)

The Sunset Collection includes natural pendants, buttons, beads, and embellishments made from fruit seeds. I'm using avocado pits, peach pits, and mango seeds which give earthy tones in many different shades. These usually take 1 to 3 hours to make, depending on the detail design. They are priced around $15 to $20 each.

The Merry Makings Home Collection is a variety of things for the home. It includes things like custom furniture painting, a few ceramic pieces, and assorted wall décor (including wooden signs). These items are currently priced between $15 to $50.

The Accessorize Me Collection includes things like natural jewelry holders, hair clips, and lapel pins. Current prices are between $7 to $30.

Each piece is uniquely handcrafted and therefore may contain minor flaws. These are not mistakes, they add character to each piece and in no way lessen their value. Due to the nature of the items, all purchases are final.

I accept payment through Paypal ( VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, and DISCOVER cards are accepted. You don't even need a PayPal account to access it, and all information is safe and secure (always look for the "https" in the address bar of your internet browser to know you're on a secure site).