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Hi all....

I have been in hospital it has been an awful 6 months for me health wise starting with a rare type of pneumonia, respiratory failure and ending in me not being able to walk and needing emergency surgery, so was unable to answer your convo. I will be relisting some of the pads I have already made, and when I am able to walk again ~ hopefully soon, I will be able to get onto the sewing machine and start sewing some more. I have some deluxe pads, petite pads, and maxi pads. I will have to get hubby to take photos for me, but I can sit in bed and do the rest.

I am not taking custom orders or wholesale orders as I am unable to commit to bulk orders on a deadline at the moment.
I am sure you will all understand


Only the best quality fabrics and cottons are used in my pads, these are the Rolls Royce of cloth pads and don't you deserve the best? These are the best quality, most absorbant, and best value for your money pads you will find.

PANTYLINERS = 2 layers flannel
DELUXE PANTYLINERS = 4 layers of flannel
LIGHT PADS = 5 layers flannel, 2 layers cotton and PUL
MAXI PADS = 5 layers flannel, 2 layers cotton, 2 layers hemp or organic fleece and PUL
OVERNIGHT/ POST PARTUM PADS = 5 layers flannel, 2 layers cotton, 3 layers hemp or organic fleece and PUL

Custom orders and wholesale enquiries are welcome ☺ just send me a conversation/convo ♥