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Golden Drop
Tiny Pearls of Light
Love is a Beautiful Word
Out in the Cold
Purple and Lime Green

The Simple Beauty of the Things Around Us

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember. I used to tote a camera around with me and take pictures when I was a kid and teenager.

In the last few years, I became more serious about my passion for fine art photography. I started to branch out and try abstract photograhy and still life photography - both of which I love!

I strive to capture the simple beauty the surrounds us. From flowers, butterflies and landcape to food and scrabble tiles - I love to try and express myself and make something that is simple, into something that is beautiful.
Amelia Kay Photography
I am a self taught photographer living in the Denver, Colorado area. I am also a stay at home mom to my two young children.
AmeliaKayPhotography uses 4 manufacturers.


  • iPhone case manufacture Georgia, United States Prints my unique and original photographs onto iPhone and Samsung phone cases.
  • Pillow manufacture North Carolina, United States Prints unique and original Tote bags and Pillow Covers featuring my photographs.
  • Professional Photo Printing Lab Texas, United States Prints my original fine art photographs
  • Professional Printer Colorado, United States Prints beautiful gallery mounted canvases

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