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When Opportunity Knocks - Answer The Door
About The Book
True love and happiness are goals we can achieve, but your fortune, financially speaking, is less easy. Why is it that the idea of becoming a millionaire is just that – only an idea? Or is it?

It doesn’t need to be this way anymore. When Opportunity Knocks, Answer the Door is an exclusive peek at the world through the eyes of a unique man who knows how to recognize an opportunity and when to seize the moment. Follow Amir Shani on a journey through his business success stories, read his tips for productive and profitable business, and act on them.

Utilize the tools that he provides to put your dreams into effect. This is the definitive guide to how to become a millionaire – isn’t it time you made it happen?

When Opportunity Knocks, Answer the Door is the definitive book on how to improve and enhance your business practices as a means to success. With the help of Amir Shani’s story and guidelines, you can achieve things that you never previously thought possible – and become a millionaire!

Read Amir’s shared insights on making your first million, and learn tips for productive and profitable business practices:

•Understand how to break out of your comfort zone
•Discover how to identify and take calculated risks
•Recognize your achievable goals, and pursue them
•Lose the fear, and take the initiative – defy and defeat your inner inertia
and many more….get it now

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