Welcome To Our Dream

AmysSweetDream is taking a short break.

Will be closed for a couple of weeks ( maybe more ) for a family emergency.

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AmysSweetDream's Shop Announcement

Welcome To Our Dream

Who is Amy?
Remember the old nursery rhyme that goes "Sugar and Spice and
Everything Nice?" That would be Amy. Plus a little bit of mischievious fun. :o) She passed away December 2, 2009 and is the reason this shop exists. This shop was a mother - daughter dream, and being a Mom, we are all about making our children's dreams come true.

Lollipops and sweets recall memories of bright and sunny days
running through the tall grass, neighborhood baseball games, days at the carnival, family barbeques -- they are a delicious reminder of the sweetness and fun that is childhood.

How It Works:

WARNING: If you are on a diet, please leave now before you see the pictures. Viewing photographic images of attractive delicious treats may be harmful to your diet. If you have a sweet tooth, then welcome to my kitchen where all orders are made fresh at your request. You choose your candy and select from our many yummy flavors and Amy's Mom goes right to work
making your treats. Don't be surprised to find a little extra in your package -- it's just how we do business here. :-)

I don't do fancy wrappings or packaging, unless requested. Just convo me and I'll work with you for something you need for gifting. For regular orders, it just doesn't make sense to add all that extra frill that you're gonna throw away anyhow, right? If you'd like to combine more than one shape of similar size, that's perfectly fine, just let me know.

Please don't ask me why my sweets are so reasonable and shipping is more sometimes. I can't control the post office, although I'd love to for us seller's and buyer's sakes. I could make my listings cost more to make you think shipping is cheap, but that's dishonest. I know what it costs me to make sweets and I just can't overcharge.

Requests for fundraiser batches are more than welcome. Just convo me and let's do an alchemy or reserved listing.

If you want something sinfully delicious, sweet and salty, you have got to try these from one of the lovliest sellers and person on Etsy. OMG they are soooooooo good. I am addicted.