AmzieC's Shop Announcement

Handmade. Exquisite. Affordable.

I have been given the opportunity of time over the next few months. I would love to hear what YOU want made. What have YOU been looking for that you can quite get your hands on.

Weddings: Soon-to-be husband & brides, bridesmaids and soon to be in-laws. Give her "acceptance" & a warm "welcome' by a specifically designed piece just for HER day.

Please let me know if you are looking for a specific item, length or just have an idea rattling around.

Consultations available. Fee based on artistic design/material.

I do have several examples I would love to share with our first consultations.

The gift of jewelry becomes exponentially better when it is beautifly handcrafted, using meaningful pieces & the artisan showcasing raw material into ABSOLUTE treasures.

Thank you for stopping by

Amy L. Collins
AmzieC [!at]
(208) 995-0422

A Bit of Sap:
AmzieC's Creative Side
My passion for crafting was graciously introduced to me by my dear Oma & Gramps Libengood. They build a house (un-assisted), made most ALL of their clothes, creamed the butter from their own milking cows, canned what was in season to make it last, and they fed/housed/clothed their 9 children. Meals mostly consisted of vegetables/fruits from their garden, only eating meat when it was afforded (maybe once a week). However, every night Oma would bring out a plain white cake as thanks for the ' hard-days-work' to all 9 children. How many of us could/would know what to do in those circumstances now. No credit cards. No 'payday loan' sharking. Nearest friend hours away. They made most everything they needed with their own hands. Proud of there sacrifices and their children, Oman and Gramps were comfortable & happy to LIVE THEIR lives. They knew life wasn't about money, but about how you conducted yourself; how you treated others, and to live purely, it must be lived honestly. I honor them & hope I can LIVE half as well.

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