AnUncommonSense's Shop Announcement

Thank you for visiting An Uncommon Sense.

***I've decided to make the difficult decision to close An Uncommon Sense until my children are in school full-time and I have more time to run this business. I have greatly enjoyed working with the fabulous people that have ordered my blankets. Thank you so very much for your support! I look forward to serving more wonderful people in the future!

Sewing and quilting has long been a passion of mine. Once my eldest son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and other related issues, I became passionate about discovering whatever I could do to help him. After seeing how much relief, calm and comfort he received from cuddling with a hand-made weighted blanket, I was hooked and An Uncommon Sense was born.

I love making high-quality, comforting weighted blankets for others. It is extremely rewarding to know that my passion for sewing can help provide comfort for others facing sensory integration challenges. Each of my products is carefully constructed with love and great care in my pet-free, smoke-free home studio.

Information needed for Reserved Listings:

1-Blanket Size ?

*CRIB/TODDLER BED BLANKET - for 2-4 year olds, and weighing 24-34 lbs.
Blanket measures 36"x50", weighs 2-5 lbs.
Toddler blanket matches the size of Pottery Barn Kids Toddler Quilts.

*CHILD'S BLANKET/THROW SIZE - for 4-10 year olds, and weighing 45-69 lbs.
Blanket measures 42"x58", weighs 8 lbs.

*TWIN BLANKET - for 11-15+ year olds, and weighing 70-139 lbs.
Blanket measures 42"x72", weighs 12 lbs

2-Blanket Weight in Pounds?

-Please consult with an OT, I am not qualified to make recommendations on blanket weights. You may also use the following general guidelines that can easily be found online:

10% Person's weight + 1 lb=Blanket Weight
Ex. 100lb person:
10% of 100lbs is 10 lbs, plus 1 lb. Blanket would weigh 11 lbs.

3-Blanket Fabric?
-preferred textures-minky, ultra cuddle, fleece, flannel, cotton, denim
-preferred colors

All weighted blankets are available in ANY kind of fabric color and texture you'd like. I can either send you photos of fabric choices from the local fabric store OR you can choose any fabric you'd like on or

4-Would you like satin trim?
-preferred color

It costs $10 extra for Crib/Toddler and Child/Throw Size Blankets. It costs $30 extra for Twin Size Blankets.

5-Would you like embroidery?
-in CAPS or not (SAM or Sam)?
-preferred thread color
-preferred font: choices are shown in my listing for the Embroidery Upgrade

In order to have time for my family and numerous responsibilities, I can only accept a limited number of orders per month.

Thank you!

anuncommonsense [!at]