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Anci Decor Jewelry, a European style for the fashion conscious women. Casual chic style with an edgy look. We love handmade and we stick to it! All of our jewelry pieces are handmade and unique in their own way. Every necklace, ring, earrings and bracelets has their own life as soon as they land in the hands of the customer.
Anci Decor jewelry represents a European style simply because I grew up in European and was greatly influenced by their culture as an Art student. Europe is in my blood and I cannot hide it. Believe me, every time I speak to someone their first question will be the famous "where are you from?" tagline.
So why are we American then? Anci Decor reflects American creativity and American freedom. We work with unusual combinations and we are not afraid of unique looks or never seen designs. Anci Decor jewelry represents the American Individualism and our style is catered to a versatile, independent women.
We are lucky enough that many local boutiques carry our jewelry and we find more and more people showing a great interest in our brand.
owner, designer
Creating art and jewelry pieces is an essential part of my life. I started craft works when I was 4 years old. I grew up in an artistic family in Budapest where I could focus on creativity. I simply create European Style with American Creativity

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