AncientMuseCreations' Shop Announcement

Greetings and welcome to Ancient Muse Creations! It has always been my creative spirit’s passion to create unique and meaningful crafts that connect me to the sacred realms and worlds of my soul’s long remembrances. I am deeply drawn to the magic of the Faerie realms, ancient and ever present. It is the Nature Spirits and Earth herself that give me my greatest world of inspiration. But they are not alone. I am always drawn to the sparkling cosmic realms of this Universe as well, finding much of what comes through my spirit and into my craft to be an expression of Star extremely high other-worldly Star vibration...the most pure, gentle and loving energy. These worlds merge into one in my creations. The natural materials I am blessed to use are lovingly gifted from Mother Earth, carrying her own healing energy, which through the crafting process I lovingly charge and infuse with the magic of the other realms. Through sacred and Divine intent I call in and activate Love, Pink Light, Faerie magic, and high vibrational Star magic into every creation I make to bring those very energies to those who wish it, by adorning your body or home with my jewelry and crafts. This is how I share these beautiful vibrations with others. It brings me much joy and I hope with all my heart that you feel Love and Light come to you through them.

By the way, since I just opened my shop I will be diligently working on adding new items every day! I have an ever growing inventory of magically created jewelry and crafts so it will take some time to have it all up and available for viewing, so come back to my shop page often as I promise to have new treasures on a regular basis! Thank you for visiting, blessings!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.