AndraCassidy's Shop Announcement

Welcome to The Chains of Andra Cassidy!
Say hello to Japanese Vitreous Glass Enameled Scales!
I just finished listing the new, one of a kind lovelies, so go take a look!
These are a new item I have spent the winter perfecting before making them available to you, my customers. I am offering these in one of two ways.
1) You are a customer who wishes to put one of these into the focal spot of the crown, headband or earrings you are about to order. I will fit these into your piece for no additional charge beyond the cost of the scale and the piece you wish it to grace.
2) You are a jeweler or scale mailer and want to add these to your own creations. It is far simpler for me to offer these to other crafters than to come up with an entirely new line of merchandise to keep up with here!

These are copper scales that I covered in powdered or fragmented glass and cooked in a kiln at roughly 1,300-1,400 degrees Fahrenheit. The glass is as fused to the copper as it gets. This means they should NOT be used in items such as my dragonskin gloves! The tension could crack the glass! They should also not be used to accent armor pieces in general for similar reasons. The glass layer is fairly thick, so we aren't talking crazy fragile here, but given that I usually make my work to take serious abuse, I felt I really needed to be clear on that difference.

In jewelry pieces they are simply lovely, and if you get a bunch of them together they have a very cheery jingle to them that I quite like.

For those in the know and curious - I am using Primarily Kujaku brand enamel for my base colors on the scales and many other pieces, though I picked up some Thompson's black which I also use heavily for a base color. I am also using a lot of Cattleya Shippocolor Frit.

Fair Season Mode has begun! READ THIS BEFORE PURCHASING!

Now through October the Chains of Andra Cassidy is doing double duty
both here and at a sundry of Ren Faires in and around New England.
This means several things.

Any item sold at faire I will do my level best to remove from the online shop as soon as it sells. This depends on my having decent cellular signal at the fair venue, so our results may vary.

If an item sells at the fair AND here on Etsy, I will do my best to either arrange a new delivery time and make a new one for my etsy customers, or to provide a refund.

Dragonskin Glove Orders on HOLD!

Regarding orders for Dragonskin Gloves and Dragonskin Sleeves, I had had to put a temporary hold on these orders. With fair season looming, the need to build stock for these events had become an urgent one and I found that I needed to concentrate my time and resources on this until I had comfortable stock levels to see me through these fairs.


I pride myself in creating chainmail adornments that cannot be found at just any old festival or fair. I require that my work be not only unique and fun, but easy to maintain and able to take what life dishes out for anybody from a serving wench to a sword maiden. Don't be thinking that I neglect the gents though; I simply make most of their adornment to order, as menfolk can be so fussy ye see. I work also in bright, vibrant, fantastic scales! I can give any lad or lass a touch of the draginkin to their garb that will turn heads whenever you pass.

Please! Peruse my shop enjoy yourselves. Everything displayed here is ready to ship out to you, however should you wish something a little different, a nip here, a tuck there, or even a new and more wonderful creation; do NOT hesitate to ask! I am happy to collaborate and make custom pieces as requested. Find us on Facebook and follow us on twitter for up to the minute updates and exclusive coupon offers!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.