AndreaAnneCreations' Shop Announcement

Welcome to my store and Happy Shopping!

Sewing has always been my favorite passtime, and I try to make things from used items, such as my jeans bags, pillowcases, dryer balls and the like. As for the jewelry, I have always liked copper and the fact that pennies are now obsolete is a bonus, as I can use it to make all kinds of jewelry with it.

Please note that the shipping costs are approximate, if the cost if higher than that quoted, I will email you with the amount. Thank your for your understanding!

1. Measure your wrist with a flexible measuring tape, just over your wrist bone or the widest part of your wrist.
2. Add 1/2" to this measurement (this allows you flexibility and movement in your bracelet so you can fasten the clasp).
3. Purchase a bracelet that has an INTERIOR DIAMETER of the new size (or slightly larger) that you just calculated.
A woman's standard bracelet size is 7''. A man's standard bracelet size is 8'' .
Tip: If you don't have a tape measure handy, use a strip of paper or thin string, and mark it where it overlaps on your wrist. Then lay the strip flat to measure up to the mark using any ruler.

Your necklace will frame different areas of your body, depending upon the length you choose. Shorter necklaces draw attention to your face while longer necklaces tend to draw attention to the neckline of your bodice.

Choker length, 16 inches on a very average sized person, fits against the base of the neck. If you are very slim, a 16-inch necklace might hang to your collarbone.

Princess length, 18 inches on a very average person, will fall at the collarbone. For plus size person with a larger neck size, this chain length will probably fit more like a choker.

Matinee length, 20 inches on an average sized person will fall past the collarbone just above a modest scoop neckline.

Note--This necklace size chart and measuring guide is intended as a tool to assist in determining your proper size. It is ultimately your decision as to what size to order.


The important thing here to is measure where you want the bottom of your necklace to fall so it will frame you in the way you wish it to. To gauge the proper fit, follow the instructions below:

For a measuring guide, get a necklace or chain you already own, a piece of heavy string or a flexible cloth measuring tape

Get either a ruler or measuring tape (don’t cheat on this- exact measurements will ensure the fit you want)

Go to a large mirror. Looking down at your own neckline can be deceiving. A mirror will show you exactly where your necklace will fall

Drape your measuring guide around your neck from the back, so the ends meet in front. Bring one end to where you want the bottom of your necklace to fall. Loosely pull the rest of the guide down on the other side until you find your measurement. At this point your measuring guide should rest exactly where you want your necklace to rest

If you are measuring for a necklace with a drop, be sure to take into account exactly where the drop will rest. Too low and it may be hidden by the neckline of your dress or lost in your décolletage.