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Angela Lao


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Angels Sky is a happy school! Kids laugh here and they enjoy! two_women_holding_handstwo_men_holding_handscouple

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Hi there! This is Angels Sky from Macau! We are a local creative art company and a learning centre. Welcome all! art

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A Creative Wonderland of Art and Craft

Angels Sky is a creative wonderland of Art and Craft. We are a local culture-creative shop and is a licensed learning centre by Education & Youth Affairs Bureau. 100% original products are soulfully made. Every work is different and unique. Every doll has its own personality. Every painting has its own spirit. Most of the works are created by Angela Lao, the owner of Angels Sky. While others are made by her students and the members. This lovely art gallery located nearby Macao polytechnic Institute, where there is a beautiful scenery of the light house. We have Art, creative English, craft and music classes for kids every weekend. We wish our passion to art could be spread wider and kids would love it as we do!

2018 “Angels Sky Art, Books, Crafts and Discs Exhibition” at Macau Polytechnic Institute MultiSports Pavilion
2015 “Angels Sky Students and Teachers’ Art Exhibition” at Angels Sky
2013 "The Stories of Dream Village" at ArtBox Macau. Art & Movies.
2012 Two short films are selected to join “Macau Original Films Show” on
October 17. Organization: Video Space
2012 Joint “Western China ACG Festiva” during September 29 to October 3
in Chongqing, China. Angela's best films, publications, crafts and art are
2011 A solo-exhibition “Lightly Dream – Angela Lao Creative Art
Exhibition” during October 9 to 23 at 10 Fantasia, Macao. Paintings, fashions,
film, handicraft and music are shown.
2011 A 45 minutes stop-motion film, “Vase Girl” is shown at iCentre, Macao
on October 8, 2011.
2012 Natural Farm1&2, Lass' Dream, Love between Heaven & World, Vase
Girl and Flaw of the Ring are selected to join the Spring Book exhibition.
2009 Three MTVs from “Strings floating in my Heart” were selected to join
the Macau Original Video Exhibition, position: Director, scriptwriter, main
actress, film editor, singer-songwriter, designer, etc.. (This work was firstly
displayed through all the competitors.)
2004 “Natural Farm” was selected to joined the Macau book exhibition and
Hong Kong book exhibition

2018 “CaCa: Let Us Dream!”, American Songwriting Awards Nominee
2018 Five Students, Boris Chung (Gold) Hidi Chan (Bronze), Angela Sin (Bronze), Clare Chan (Bronze), Kennis Lei (Bronze) won the International Children’s Art Exhibition.
2017 "CaCa: I want Cat to say yes", Accolade Global Film Competition, Official Selection
2017 "CaCa: I want Cat to say yes", LA Shorts Awards, Best Animation & Official Selection
2017 "CaCa: I want Cat to say yes", "Kai Kai Xin Xin Is The Most Important", "A Rainy Day", Los Angeles CineFest, Semi-Finalist
2017 "CaCa 4: My Street Cats" and "Let It Go", Marquee On Main Official Selection
2017 Dream Village 3 Theme Song, "We Will Meet Again In This Place", Global Music Awards Silver Prize
2017 "A Crescent", American Songwriting Awards, Nominee
2017 Dr H, Gold Movie Awards Goddess Nike Official Selection
2017 CaCa: Tell You Jokes (Season 1, 2 and 3) Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival Official Selection
2016 CaCa: Yes or No?, Global Music Awards Bronze prize
2016 The Stories of Dream Village, Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival, Winner, Best Animation Feature, Official Selection.
2016 CaCa! 2.5 seasons, Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival, Winner, Best Web Episode/Mixed Media, Official Selection
2016 CaCa: Tell You Jokes!, Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, Winner, Official Selection
2016 The Stories of Dream Village: Episode: Actress, Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, Winner, Official Selection
2016 Two Students, Hidi Chan and Angela Sin won the International Children’s Art Exhibition. Hidi Chan: Silver, Angela Sin: Bronze
2015 "Charm of Women", Oil on canvas, Richeson75 International Art Competition: Portrait or Figure, Merit award;
"I love Macau", International Macau Contemporary Art Competition, Merit award
2015 One Student, Angela Sin received the merit award of the International Children’s Art Exhibition.
2014 "Grandma Ma!" was the only selected film to the Annual Visual Arts Exhibition Macau
2013 “Respect for Teachers” Comic writing and Video Competition,
Silver Award in Comic writing;
“Our Earth” Enviornment Protection Handicraft Competition, Merit Award
2001 Drawing competition held by Macau Cultural Centre, Merit Award
1996 Drawing and colouring contest held by Macau Protestant communion,
Merit Award
1993 International Youth Drawing competition, Silver Award

Shop members

  • Angela Lao

    Owner, Artist, Visual Arts & English Teacher

  • Lucy Iao

    Sponsor, General Manager, Music Theory & Chinese Teacher

  • Goddess


  • Constance Wong

    Assistant, Editor, Teacher

  • Mike Qiu

    Vice Manager, Marketer, Math & Accounting Teacher

  • Alvin Wong

    Assistant, Artist, Teacher

  • Elyse Wong

    Prefect, Assistant Teacher, Artist

  • Gigi Ieong

    Assistant, Designer, Artist

  • Sally

    Artist, Comic Writer, Cartoonist

  • Angela Sin


  • Fiona Cheong

    Designer, Artist

  • Carissa Sin

    Artist, Designer, Teacher

  • Thomas Kou

    Designer, Artist, Cartoonist

  • Hidi Chan

    Creator, Assistant, Designer

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