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I paint. Well, actually I have other passions but this about my paintings and other pencil and mixed media offerings.

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And here is where the stars converge, here is where I stay, trying over and over again, to get the places I see out of my head and onto canvas. I paint all sorts of things, but it is my landscapes I come back to again and again. My landscapes (in particular my trees) are my depiction of the human soul. Sometimes it’s my soul, sometimes it’s not.
Painting the human soul became important to me when my Mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I knew that she was leaving myself and my sisters to continue this journey in this world without her. Who were we, really? What were we to each other, how do we continue our lives and ourselves without her voice on the phone, her presence, her laugh? How?
I still have not gotten an answer to that question. And so I still search. And I struggle to come to terms with a loss so profound that no amount of talking or soul searching will completely fix. And I still paint those trees, and in those paintings are places that are quiet and beautiful and peaceful and sometimes haunting but always, always honest.
The passing of my Mother has changed me. Each day is more important. Telling those I love that I love them is said more often and with more meaning. Daily in fact. I have a new appreciation and delight in each moment of each day because no matter how many days we get, well, in the end, it won’t ever be enough will it? My hubby’s voice is more wonderful. My daughter is more of a marvel than I ever realized. Wine is sweeter, chocolate is more delicious (as if it needed help), the kiss of my dogs and cat is pure magic.
I reach to another world to talk to my Mum now, a world I remember in those wee moments between awake and asleep, and this world is filled with places that are beautiful beyond words. And this world is the world that the Angieclementine inside of me lives in……..

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