AnimeCoutureJewelry's Shop Announcement

ATTN CUSTOMERS: 07/02/2015 757pm I am a day behind! I woke this morning to a bursted pipe by my pool. Water everywhere and my pool a quarter empty! Ah! I will be shipping orders tomorrow to make up for today, Friday, July 3rd! Now that everyone has had the flu and pink eye in our household I am back on track. I am even working at the wee hours of the morning to get orders done. Thank you everyone for being patient while I take care of all my sick kids! Now there are tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings all over, so, expect delays in those parts of the country. I will be going to usps tomorrow to pick up all my damage packages from weather. The weather has affected all shipping. There are major delays due to the weather. There are some cities with evacuation warnings and severe weather in many states. The weather has effected delivery and damages done to package. I have almost everyone fixed. PLEASE, let me know if you have NOT received your order yet. I deeply apologize for delays, recovering from my surgical procedures have been a bit harder than I thought. Last week was my last surgery to remove all cysts and tissue. I do NOT have breast cancer for sure now! I am in the clear! All the cysts they found in my breast are benign. I am recovering still from the procedures but FULL STEAM AHEAD NOW! I will ship you everyone out and if you have NOT received your package, please, let me know. With all the insane weather packages have been lost or USPS has not updated statuses I WILL reship your package FREE of charge to you, just please let me know! Thank you ALL SO much for the support you have given me during our families tragedy of the death in our family, this past month has been a hard one and the support you have all provided me with has been more than a blessing. Thank you SO much for all your support during my father's surgeries! I apologize to everyone prior to the death of our loved one, there has been a slight delay in production due to my father falling from the 2nd story of his roof (hanging lights). He has needed my immediate attention and was in surgery for almost 8 hours trying to repair the damage that has been done and his broken bones.There is just me and my four kids, so, please know I am working as hard and as fast as possible for everyone! Please, contact me with your concerns or if you have not received your package and please, allow all shipped packages 36 hours for updated tracking information from usps. They are very busy and where I live it takes a little bit to show package status. Thank you ALL customers for all the patience and kindness you have shown our family these past few months. Words cannot express how much I appreciate each and every one of you for the support and overly generous kindness you have all given me.

Welcome to Anime Couture! I try to create unusual and eccentric pieces, combining prolific thinking and unique creativity to each piece of jewelry. I hope you enjoy the shop and find something you like! :-)

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.