AnimeCoutureJewelry's Shop Announcement

ATTN CUSTOMERS: 07/29/2015 904pm Today turned out to be pure insanity. My two older daughter's school just shut down. Seriously, closed and nothing else. I spent the day in a panic looking for new schools and trying to comfort my broken down hysterical high school daughter and very angry eighth grade daughter. I did manage to get to USPS at the very end of the day with my scanning sheet and all preshipment statuses should be updated by the end of tomorrow, Thursday, 07/30. Last night as I took my garbage can to my front yard last night I noticed in my yard my USPS pick up scanning sheet that my local postman should have picked up with my packages this past Saturday! Ugh! I assume he droppied it on accident. I went through the sheet one by one last night and noticed most packages say preshipment still as statuses. All packages that have been shipped should have updated statuses tomorrow, 07/30. I am sincerely sorry that happened. My next big shipping days will be Thursday, July 30th and Saturday, August 1st. I apologize for delays! I was trying to fix one of my tools last Wednesday evening a slice my finger right open. It was a bad cut, I spent last Thursday getting my finger put back together. There is severe delays due to storms in the US. Especially in the Midwest, south and the Florida area. If you have NOT received your order or an update shipping notification PLEASE let me know so that I can investigate and fix the problem. There are major delays in parts of the US and Internationally due to severe weather. I wish I could control the weather but alas I cannot. Thank you to everyone for your most generous kindness and all your patience! XO

Welcome to Anime Couture! I try to create unusual and eccentric pieces, combining prolific thinking and unique creativity to each piece of jewelry. I hope you enjoy the shop and find something you like! :-)

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.