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Self taught right out of the gate. I must be dreaming.....

"The beauty of reworking, recycling, up cycling and recreating is that you are taking something that already exists and giving it new life. Something well made with great bones. You are helping the earth a little at a time and bringing new beauty to someones world"
When I was small I lived in a place where it was normal to not have much of anything ...nice clothing or even a real bedroom. Certainly nothing very pretty. I had a room the size of a small closet. For my room, I learned that to make it livable I would need to recycle everything. I made my curtains out of old shirts and my bedding was made from freebie fabric I would get from neighbors and my grandma. My bedding was made from strips of fabric that I would ruffle and add on slowly. It was beautiful.
I loved the thrift store. For me is was like walking into a creative land. " I can make ANYTHING here pretty". From old statues and mirrors to clothing that could be made into what ever I wanted.
When I became a mom reusing and recycling did not stop. My home was mostly decorated in things I found , made or bought from thrift stores. Every single person that walked into our place would be amazed at what I did. I was ALWAYS told I should start a I did!
At 19 I started my first business...through my dining room and then garage. I sold items I made and pretty vintage pieces. It seemed like every week I was adding a new idea to my little business. My walls were covered with wreaths that had "for sale" tags on them. I made ribbon from old fabric. I never seemed to be able to turn it off.
My products are well planned and carefully made using the best homemade safe paints and treatments. My weathering- distressing treatments and patinas are all homemade. I love to mix my own paint and come up with colors that you will love.
Your home is the first thing you see when you wake and the last thing you see before closing your eyes. It is truly important that you love anything that you purchase from me and put into your home. I will only bring my best.
My work is created and inspired by many design styles. Shabby cottage, French Chic, French Nordic, French Santos, Religious, Farm house, romantic cottage, Urban, Industrial, Beach cottage, wedding decor and more.
I'm that "you never know" shop. I work very hard at searching for the things that I want in my shop.
How did I start making my Tattered recycled ruffle petticoat burlap runners?
When my daughter was about 10 (now 29) I was making much plainer runners. I added just a few layers of ruffle to the bottom. They were pretty and far as I could see they were detailed. WELL, Halloween came and my daughter wanted to be a princess. I really could not find anything "princessy". I saw my runner hanging on the table and the idea came. If I pinned a bunch of torn ribbon to the ruffle, cut if off at the ruffle line and attached it to her leggings she would be a unique pretty princess. Once I finished pinning all the ribbon onto the runner, I did not want to cut it. IT LOOKED SO PRETTY. Of course I did and she was a beautiful princess. After that I just started experimenting. Of course not with much burlap. I used a lot of striped and rose fabrics. At the time I used birch branches as curtain rods. I wanted to hang something organic from them. So I made ruffled garland similar to the runners, but using some garden burlap. I tied it on with twine and they looked amazing. That is when I started using burlap in my runners and now I was also making tattered garland. That is the fast story on how I came up with "petticoat" runners.

I have been making crowns for statues for over 15 years. I started when I just could not find what I liked and authentic religious crowns did not have the popularity as they do now. They were not very popular and really really expensive. My first crown was for a baby Jesus I owned. I would bring him out at Christmas. I would wrap him in cheesecloth and ad several rosaries around his neck. The problem was that at one time he had real hair. Now he had a receding hairline. I used an old rusty metal dog bowl (which was the same shape as a sailors cap), turned it up side down and glued broken jewelry to it. It actually looked pretty good.
The pride I have in my crowns is that most of them are made from salvaged items. So with beauty comes something earth friendly. The imperfections in a found piece are what makes them special. Broken "things" that would just end up in a landfill many times find their way onto one of my crowns.
This is my new supply shop. TheLuckyFind. It's getting there. Slowly but surely. It's a very unique supply shop.
Anita Spero
owner, maker, designer, curator
I am the owner, designer and everything else for Anita Spero Design. I do it all and love it all.

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