AnjaJasminOriginals' Shop Announcement

Welcome to my Shop !!!

I am so excited to be part of this wonderful website with so many talented artists.
When I started here on Etsy I was mostly making dresses, Renaissance clothing and witchcraft items. In Fall 2011 I found Katwise and fell in love with making sweaters and coats. I have been pretty busy with custom orders for my friends and family for christmas, and attended a pagan fair in the spring were people went coat crazy.

All sweaters were purchased at Goodwill, prewashed hot with extra soap to make sure they are squeeky clean and won't shrink. My sweaters are handmade with a special Overlock Machine to make sure they dont fall apart. You can wash them on a gentle cycle with warm water and even dry them on a low setting. My entire house is smoke free.

Each sweater or Jacket is an original, the only one ever made. Custom orders are welcome. I also noticed how many people are actually selling the same coats on here, and how much they charge. I understand Kat charging a lot because you basically pay for a wonderful item with her name on it, but be real, yes it takes several hours to make a coat and its quite a hunt to find the perfect sweaters, but I cannot see myself charging that much. Not because I dont believe in my product, but because I just dont feel people need to pay that much for a quality, beautiful, and fun coat. That's why I decided this weekend to mark everything down to a more realistic price people can afford. Yes it is great to make lots of money, but what makes me even happier is to actually move my sweaters out of the sewing room and have somebody happily wear them.

I still remember the Beltane Fair in Berlin this spring. I brought a pink/black tiger patterned faux fur coat I made. I had it hanging around here for ever. A young boy was eyeballing the coat and asked how much, when my daughter told him $25 just to finally get rid of the coat. He walked away sad, he only had $20. He was so in love with the coat that when we told him that would be fine he was so happy and wore the coat the entire time at the fair with the biggest smile on his face. I still cant forget that until today. He was so adorable and his mom actually came over and told me he would be wearing it to school on Monday. He was the kind of kid who is not afraid to wear anything different.
I think that's what its all about, making people happy and putting a smile on their face. That's worth more than hundreds of dollars.

Thanks for stopping by.
Blessed be !!!


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