Ann Ranlett's Art - Paintings With Petzazz & More!

"Jack & Red Horse" - watercolor on Yupo
"Percheron Power" - scratchboard

Back Off Man, I'm a Scientist!

I'm a bio-nerd with a degree in biology. My lifelong interests in nature and drawing and my educational background led me to pet/animal and nature subjects. I'm a detail freak and I'm fascinated by the textures and colors found in nature.

I love animals and have been drawing them since I could hold a crayon. Thank goodness my parents fostered both my loves of animals and art!

I'm really in my element when working with scratchboard; it’s surprisingly forgiving and I like the challenge of creating intricate detail and texture with black, white and shades of grey. I also enjoy working in graphite pencil for the same reasons.

When I need a break from monochrome work, I switch to watercolor, although I'm likely to add a little pen & ink or color pencil to my paintings. In 2005, I started working with watercolor on Yupo, a synthetic paper. I'd been wanting to try something different and my "Paintings with Petzazz" pieces are the result. They're wildly colored and have quite a bit less detail, but they're still recognizable as a particular breed or pet.

I also enjoy photography. I take photos mainly for art reference material, but occasionally I end up with photos that are unique enough to stand on their own.
Ann Ranlett
owner, maker, designer, curator, I do it all, just me, myself & I. The dogs remind me to take breaks.
I'm an artist & illustrator specializing in pet/animal portraits and nature illustrations in a variety of media. Pet portrait commissions accepted. That's me and my dogs, Magpie the border collie and Arrow the chihuahua mix.
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