AnnaMariaSlavi's Shop Announcement

At our shop you can find OOAK Art Dolls, Portrait Dolls, Soft Sculpture, Artist and Collectible Dolls, Miniature Babies Dolls, Dolls from Fairy Tales and absolutely new unknown for people product - Art Bedspread with pictures using fabric on any design or style that you desire! PAYPAL, Bank transfer, Other.

Art interior author's collectible dolls live in our shop .... Their Master is Anechka Nigmatoullina, a famous puppeteer from the city of Krasnodar. She makes wonderful characters from Fairy Tales, such a White Rabbit from ""Alica in Wonderland' ,Majestic Royal Mice Family, beautiful Princesses and Princes, Dwarfs, Elves and so on.

A newcomer a very talanted Artist Natalia Kargapoltseva joined us .. She is so strongly impressed us with her portrait dolls creations that we could not be without her in our artistic community. She is capable to make a doll - replica of human face and figure, and may more beatiful then they are in a real life. Enjoy her works!

Let me introduce you a very successful puppeteer in Russia - Galina Makovskaya . She is famous by her unique miniature baby dolls and portrait dolls as well. Nobody can make such miniature dolls as she. See them and you will argree with it!

We will decorate also the interior of your bedroom, creating bedspreads of your dream for you! Anna-Maria Slavi makes art bedcovers with pictures by fabrics on any topic.
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