AntiMatterGlass' Shop Announcement

Highly detailed, one of a kind nature themed transcendental devices, made from glass, fire, and an esoteric agenda. A = Anslinger / W = Whitehouse

Why we don't do custom orders... When a person sees one of our pieces, they either connect immediately to it, or they don't. The connection usually results in a sale, but more than that it is an effective incident of communication between us as artists, and another person. We've spent a collective 20 plus years honing that line of communication, and we've gotten reasonable good at it. Sometimes people see our style and that stimulates their imagination and they want us to do a custom piece based on what their imagination came up with. The problem arises when the person tries to describe in words what they want from us, and something is always, inevitably lost in the translation. The person has pre-bonded with their vision of the piece, and when the physical interpretation by us is made it has compete with the bonding that already took place in the customer's mind. As a result virtually any deviation from the image they had is now seen as a flaw. We do our best to make every single piece unique aesthetically, and identical in quality. Glass is literally a fluid art form, that takes a lifetime to master, and even then, complete control, is still sometimes elusive. In short, the process of interpretation from the mental image, to the written word, to the artist's mental image, then to a glass reality is just seldom very effective.
Anslinger and Whitehouse

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