Antickquities' Shop Announcement


1st Class Mail:
-Int'l cutoff: November 24
-Domestic cutoff: December 10

Priority Upgraded Mail:
-Int'l cutoff: December 16
-Domestic cutoff: December 20

Be sure to read my shipping policies! Orders take 10 business days to make! Orders placed without Priority shipping or without confirmed contact with myself ARE NOT GUARANTEED TO BE DELIVERED BEFORE 2 WEEKS DOMESTIC OR 4 WEEKS INTERNATIONAL.

I try to make your order within 10 business days (no weekends or holidays) after receipt of payment, but sometimes things come up and I will be sure to message you if I can't ship within 10 business days. This is not my full time job, so shipping days are sporadic! All in all, typical turn around for an order (if payment is received immediately and there are no issues with the post office) is about 14 business days from order placement for US orders. For international orders, 20+ business days.

As these are clock hands, they are made of lightweight THIN metal, so they WILL bend! Please keep this in mind when handling them! :) Also, some hands may have slight imperfections, such as small scratches or age spots but don't worry, it just adds some rustic character.

Many of the brass clock hands shown may appear silver or coppery in the pictures, but they ARE brass (unless otherwise noted in the listing), which is a golden tone. It is difficult to distinguish the golden tone in many of the pictures due to the highly reflective surface. All black hands are only black on one side and either white or silver on the other, and all "silver" hands are actually brushed aluminum which is a dull silvery color. I try to show the colors in every listing, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Please remember that because they are so lightweight, my signature hair pick sets are not meant to hold up hair by themselves, and they should be handled gently. Most items are only held together using tension unless otherwise specified. This means they might also come slightly loose in transit. Don't worry, they're not broken! They are meant to be adjustable! Simply re-tighten them using a flat head screwdriver.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.