Antidotum's Shop Announcement

We love to create.
We employ all of our very diverse skills in order to bring into being unconventional, unique and functional works of art. Adopting different techniques and making use of different tools, we create – first in our imagination and then in practice – one of a kind everyday objects. We like to craft jewelry (for decoration), handbags (to accommodate all those little things that always need to be with you), and anything you can wear (warm scarves, soft wraps, sweaters and other garments) or use inside your home.
Being eclectic is a bliss for us. Glass, metal (including Metal Clay), Polymer Clay and felt are just a few of our interests. To participate in some projects we invite friends who are experts in other fields. We are strikingly fascinated by textiles and loom-weaving – the chromatic and textural composition of handwoven cloths allows to create soft, warm and „cozy” items, that feel so nice in the cold season. Not accidentally, we chose for our activities the name TENDER DECEMBER…. :)
All of our projects are created in a single copy, and only few of them are made in different color variants. You can therefore be sure that you are not going to meet anyone with the same handbag or pair of earrings! We devote quite some time to design and produce our works. Each project is discussed, agreed and fine-tuned to the last detail. We afterwards proceed with preparing manually each of the components we eventually need to combine for the desired final result. At the next project, again we start from the beginning: developing our ideas, searching for the most effective and, as far as possible, interesting and unusual solutions.
The most intriguing and joyful part for us is indeed designing and crafting ordinary items in an unconventional, innovative way… sometimes very seriously focused on problem-solving, sometimes in just a frolic mood. We pay great attention to the accuracy of execution of each of our pieces.
We wish to share the results of our work with those who appreciate the emotion and commitment that we put in this activity and who feel close to our understanding of aesthetics.
Elisabetta Cappello, Alina Tyro-Niezgoda

„We rescue the Great Danes" - read more:
We donate 5% of the profit from each sale to the polish foundation „Ratujemy dogi” („We rescue the Great Danes”), in order to make this and next Decembers more „tender” for dogs.