Antiquarian78's Shop Announcement

I design and make pieces of jewelry using antique and vintage watches. I like the idea of wearing something close to your body that is and could be many times your age. Something special about wearing a necklace with a watch piece from 1901 or wearing a silver plated bracelet from the late 20's, or even a set of butterfly wings with gears and cogs. My jewelry pieces are unique and one of a kind. You may find imitations but you will never see the same piece listed twice on my site, because I never make exact copies.

I also give complete descriptions of every piece that I make and sell. I want you, the buyer, to know the full story of each piece. I want you to know exactly what it is made of, how old the pieces are and any other facts or history associated with it. I think I am the only jewelry designer, who does this and can do this.

I also have antique watch movements and parts for sale. I don't have the knowledge to fix these are make them working in any shape again. Since some of these watch movements are anywhere from 50-100 years old, I also know that most watches today do not need any of their parts for repair. However, there are those who can repair watches and if that is you and you are interested in taking old and forgotten watches to repair and resell them, then my store is for you. I have many old, antique and vintage watch movements which I have acquired over the past few years, with some of them very old.

I ship first class mail, anywhere in the U.S. for free.

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