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Antler dog chews, sized for every type of dog, as half antlers or whole antlers.
Made from naturally shed Elk antlers.
Each year, Elk, Moose and Deer shed their antlers and re-grow them. This is a natural process, causing no harm to the animals.

Antler chews are nutritious, safe, and long-lasting and
unlike processed bones, they do not splinter. Instead, antlers are softened a bit with the dog's saliva and therefore break down slowly with the chewing action.
Antlers are also virtually odor-free and mess free. Toss out the smelly pig's ears and bully sticks!

Try this natural and healthy alternative to processed chews.

**Convo me if you do not see enough stock in the size you need.

*Product pictures are representations of approximate size only. Chews will vary from the pictures due to the unique attributes of each antler.
Please contact us for X-Small and XX-Large sized Antler Chews or if you need more than the quantity shown as I have plenty.
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SHIPPING - only the actual USPS Priority Flat Rate charge for the Flat Rate box needed to accomodate the antlers size will go on your final total. The cart amount is an estimate based on typical antler lengths. Multiple items in the same box will not increase the shipping cost then since using flat rate shipping.
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