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Last updated on July 28, 2012
300$ Base cost, 350$ for Close Helm/Sallet
Add 100$ for Stainless. Add 125$ for single item powder coating (multiple items add 10$ per item over 1 plus the original 125$ [powder coating prices can vary depending on color/finish/time available]). Add 25$ for high polish, add 40$ for mirror finish.
Shipping add 50$ for Priority, 35$ for Parcel Post
Bascinet:Add 50$ for hinged grill, Add 75$ for detachable grill, Add 100$ for Klapstein visor
Viking: Add 50$ for rivetted band, add 50$ for rivetted strap, add 75$ for band&strap, Add 150$ for Spangenhelm, Add 50$ for Slat Back. Add 25$ for Storm King Nasal. Add 50$ for Hammer Lord Ocular. Add 50$ for Ravens Fury 2 piece Nasal/Ocular
Roman:Add 75$ for hinged cheeks with spring steel self locking latch.
Crusader/Great: Add $25 for piercework, add 75$ for rivetted bands. Add 50$ for Frontal cross with custom end.
Kabuto: Add 50$ for custom shikoro, Add 75$ for plain mempo, 125$ for "fierce" Mempo, purely decorative Kabuto's available (non combat spec)

Custom Helmets Available: Sallet, Lobstertail Sallet, [With combat legal bevor], Barbute, Corinthian Barbute, Burgonet, Morion. Japanese Zunari and Momanari

Custom Work Available: TITANIUM: Brass/copper work: Add 30$ for 3 square inches min 5 square inches (or 50$). Decorative rivetting , Decorative fluting Add 5$ per pair, acid etching, engraving, embossing, black work, powder coating, hinging, latching, piercework, chasing, aluminum, spring steel, brass/bronze casting, aluminum casting.High polish, Mirror finish.

Brass/Copper work. On helmets(generally). 2 Cheek,2 Side,1 forehead or 1 back piece(s) 50$. 2 Upper side pieces 75$

Breastplates/Lorica Segmentata
Base cost 200$
Female breastplate 75$
Add 150 for Stainless, Add 10$ per each pair of flutes, Add 50$ for roped edging.

Legs/Arms: Base cost 150$ 8 piece w/ steel hinged vambrace/cuisse. Add 150$ for Stainless legs. Add 125$ for stainless Arms.
Gorget: Base cost 35$. Add 10$ for stainless.
Full Clamshell Gauntlets: Base Cost 300$. Add 100$ for stainless.
Rapier Swept Hilts: Base Cost 75$. Add 50$ for stainless.

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Before clicking that button CALL ME. My number is 503-957-7906. My message is 503-805-5499. Each piece needs to be custom fitted, and by fitted I mean the piece has to be made to fit, not just tweaked after assembly. Everything I do is custom fitted. This means extensive measurements need to be made. The options on each piece need to be carefully worked out prior to purchase. Generally this means a series of email conversations with scanned images and depictions. Everything I do is truly custom. Speaking of which, where have I been since 2005? Well. I spent 2 and a half years in Afghanistan and another year in Iraq. Now that the deployments are over I have been gradually rebuilding my shop, staring at tools with only memories left of how to use them. My previous website on Geocities went down as well as my picture portfolio on Yahoo. This means that I thought I had nothing left. I had over 8 years of my work on Yahoo and Geocities in the pictures alone, so coming back from Iraq and finding everything gone was very disheartening. The good news is that a good friend found historical archives of my website stored on the Internet and I was able to recover some of my pictures. I would very greatly appreciate any of my customers making available pictures of my work that they have purchased so I can gradually rebuild my photo portfolio.
Shipping/Return Policy:...
Shipping prices include shipping and handling, as well as insurance fees via UPS/FedEx ground for a single piece order. Multiple orders have a reduced shipping price per piece. Please note: Internation shipping addresses will be subject to much higher prices. I ship upon the check clearing the bank. Make checks payable to Peter Cosgrove.
New Shipping Information: Due to the drastically increased costs of shipping, we would appreciate that our customers try not to purchase single items, but instead make every attempt possible to make multiple orders. In the last 24 months UPS, FedEx and USPS have raised their prices 3 times. As of Jan 1, 2003 UPS raised their prices yet again. The price increases so far have caused our shipping costs to almost double from where they were prior to 9/11/01. I recently received a letter from a possible customer who addressed a concern that my shipping charge of 50$ for a specific item was considered exorbitant. I am rather unpleased to say that on 12/27/02, I had to ship that same item for $63. $33 more than my originally expected shipping costs. In the last 3 years, I have shipped upwards of 250 shipments of armor, nationally and internationally, and have averaged about $10 more per shipment than I was expecting. While I would like to keep shipping costs minimal, unfortunately I am unable to continue to operate my enterprise w/o some cost increases, which I deeply regret. These increases are primarily for special metals and shipping costs. but also reflect my inability to absorb rising costs and inability to accurately predict actual time spent on particular pieces. I deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Refunds and Exchanges
If the piece doesn't fit and you want a better one, notify me and send it back, I will send another one. If you don't like it at all send it back and I will send your money back to you. If you feel the piece is unsafe, notify me and send the piece back. I will make whatever changes to pattern/production technique as are necessary and make a new one. Buyer takes all responsibility for safe use of pieces.
Additional policies and FAQs
Stock vs Custom: Out stock items (the ones listed) usually ship within 1 week of payment being rec'd, barring extraneous stuff. Before a purchase is complete, the customer (i.e. you) and I come up with an agreeable shipping date. Custom work, on the other hand, has no pre-arranged shipping date. Instead, custom work is completed to the customer's full and total satisfaction. Many many pattern pieces are done, etc, with status reports/pics sent to the customer at each stage. For custom work, we will do ANYTHING. Call us, we'll talk it over, send us some pics/examples, I'll come up with a price, and if you like it, we will close the deal. So far, my custom work usually takes 6 mo's to 1 year. My custom work prices are pretty low because that's how I learn to do new things, which is why I'm doing this.