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1 year

First full version drop bear mando helmet are on they way sanded and primed and have two speed ducted fans installed. They turned out really well.

2 years

We have updated the DC-17 blaster model. The body is now printed in one part removing the join seam, it's still hollow but the nozzle is now open into the body and the trigger is now a separate part so it's much easier to modify with electronics.

3 years

We have added a new option for the computer gauntlet to have a retractable blade, much like the death watch gauntlets.

3 years

We are constantly updating our printers to ensure we produce the best quality props, and are very impressed with our new Wombot printers, we can now print even bigger and still do it in high quality durable ABS plastic.

3 years

Rav gauntlet sizing. Here we see small medium and large, but you can't just scale a small and expect it to fit a larger persons arms, it wont. While large and medium are the same wrist size, the large is flaired to accommodate a wider forearm.

3 years

We have been extremely busy, but are doing our best to reduce the average turn around on most items. new high quality machines are coming online to help out soon.