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Our coffee shop is just up front from our work space in the back with our roaster.
The crew!
Espresso cups (via etsy, of course!)

About us.

We started with explanations to the neighbors that the house was not on fire. Well, we REALLY started with the nutty idea that I could roast coffee at home, and THEN we spent a lot of time yelling out, "it's okay! nothing is burning!" as local heroes, seeing the smoke, sprinted into our backyard to rescue me. I live in a really great neighborhood and there are LOTS of heroes. Now they are customers (or skeptical on-lookers). Three years in and I think people really enjoy smelling the coffee roasting early in the morning on our little cul-de-sac in Richmond, VA.

The wedding favors were a total accident and so was finding Etsy but we're very open to happy accidents around here. I did coffee favors for a friend's wedding, as a gift, and couldn't find small, nice looking bags so I made my own. Then another friend wrote "look up Etsy" on a napkin and gave it to me, so here I am selling coffee wedding favors on Etsy when I previously didn't know how to create a new file on my computer and generally shied away from weddings and other scary, big events.

Most exciting is the new spot we're opening in the downtown business district. There we will have a REAL coffee shop and a larger roaster to keep up with our orders! We will miss our pretend coffee shop (the tiny kitchen where friends come over to watch me roast and then to brew up a pot) but now we'll have space for more friends to pull up a bar stool and tell me all about their mornings over freshly roasted joe.
owner, maker, designer, curator
Contact me with any design questions. I have a passion for seeing couples dreams come to life through our customized designs:) If you have any coffee questions I'm the girl for you!

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