Vintage Paper Ephemera

Vintage advertisement.
Vintage sheet music.
Vintage postcard.
Vintage photograph.
Vintage book illustration by Alice and Martin Provensen.

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Arcanium Antiques offers intriguing vintage paper ephemera: original magazine ads, cool postcards, fascinating photos, old prints, unusual documents, and books from years past.

I'm an artist and bookseller who has been selling scholarly and out-of-print nonfiction books online since 1999 at I often acquire interesting paper ephemera when I'm out and about on my quest for fine books. Here at Etsy, Arcanium Antiques has become the sister store to Brainiac Books.

Beautiful images and compelling history are found in my selection of vintage paper ephemera. I thoroughly enjoy making use of my artist's eye and my bookseller's love of research as I gather and present my inventory for you.

Please also see my other Etsy shop at , where I offer my original artwork for sale.

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Artist who loves vintage and antique paper ephemera

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