ArchaicVibes' Shop Announcement

Welcome on board ! I'm happy to see that your archaic sense brought you here.

Archaic Vibes is not a shop; it's a treasures sharing. I'm a Marco Polo navigating on the ocean of the thrift. I don't burry my discoveries in the depth of my closet : what I find is for you.
Here you'll find all the goods I found beautiful and worth to share with you. They all have a story, they were lost here and there, they had a life before. But they keep it secret; that's the mystery of the second-hand clothes. Who wore this fantastic sailor jacket ? And this handbag, was it an elegant Parisian lady who hold it 40 years ago ?
It invites you to dream, and to create your own stories. It's your turn now to put a bit of your life in one of those treasure.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.