Art8craft's Shop Announcement

Thanks a lot for visiting our shop.

We welcome you on our shop.
We CAN PRODUCE IN LAGER QUANTITIES ON REQUEST.Our Artifacts are limited editions(off course not all of them).And you will see the amusing and relaxing colours reflecting in each of our product.Many of the items will be prepared after the order is placed,ask in advance if you plan to give it on some fixed date or occasion.
We are four artists sharing this single shop.Therefore you would see variety of objects.
The obvious reason is that rest of my friends cant operate their own shops ad they are less educated,so i am helping them to sell their Art works.
We are
Myself .Arshad

Role of each person.

I make jewellery boxes made of wood/pressed wood.engrave the design.i create listings,run the shop,and ship the items.I run the etsy shop.Location Multan,Chiniot,Pakistan

MAKES URNS, BANGLES MADE OF WOOD.bowl,engraved and finished with lac .Location Chiniot,Pakistan

wood Brass inlays ,Location Chiniot,Pakistan
Makes clock made of wood ,engrave on wooden boxes,spoons set .Location Chiniot,Pakistan

. Where we Are Located?
Multan,chiniot Pakistan.

What We Use?
The items made on our shop are made of wood,Sheeshan/Indian Rosewood,Dalbergia sissoo.and pressed wood.
The wood is procured from the local market.The wood is from the sustainable plantation process,so that the trees are not cut to harm the environmrnt.
Thee wood is cut on saw.
the planks and wood blocks are then let to dry in the air for several days and even months.
The dried and seasoned wood is then shaped in to rough shape .
The rough shaped wood pieces are then turned in to fine pieces.
The wood pieces are then refined by rubbing the sand paper.
The finished pieces are then coated with lac or spray paint.
Many layers of colors are given.
With the help of needle, the inner colors are brought out to give multi color patterns.
The item is then packed and shipped.
The items are made from scratch.
How Much Time Is taken To Complete each item?
About 5-7 days.
Raw Materials Used
Wood,pressed wood,Lac
We purchase materials form local market
Equipment Used
Saw,hammer,needles and knives custom made for the specific purpose,sand paper,plier,drill machine,lathe machine,etc.
we do every thing at our own assistance is received.
Status of our products
Sometimes the items are ready to ship,and sometimes made to order.