Octopus Tentacle art, Nose eyeglass holders, Goodness

We have always been inspired by the serene beauty of sunrise o'er the waters...
Balloon bears should not smoke
Jane thanks Tarzan for her new Elephant Nose Eyeglass Stand. ArtAkimbo - bring out the jungle in your mate...
The ArtAkimbo underwater advisory board. Blub blub.
A pair of inquisitive visitors

Functional and dysfunctional art, handmade daily

So, what happens is this -
I make these sculptures. I make 'em out of clay or wood or hard coated styrofoam. I take great pains to get the originals right - and then,
Why then I make molds. Silicone rubber molds.
I cast duplicates from these molds out of urethane resin.
Lovely, very durable material.
And in most cases I polish 'em and in some cases I paint 'em.
In every case there are
that need to be performed.
These I do.
And I make little changes, tweaks, here and there, so that over time, the castings become more refined and closer to
I do all of this by hand, by myself.
For you, peaches.
owner, maker, designer
Son of an artist, spawner of three more...

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