ArtCult's Shop Announcement

NEW! Instant Download! Discount Coupon Codes!
Welcome to ArtCult, the most popular High Quality PRINTABLE DOWNLOADS and DIGITAL COLLAGE SHEETS on Etsy!

These designs were created with lot of love and devotion for the amazing Etsy shoppers.

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Enter the relevant correct coupon code to receive your discount.
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The discount can be obtained only at time of purchase. I can't give a discount or refund after the purchase has been completed.

Please note, all my "little" images for pendant, earrings and such are a bit larger, to avoid white border after cutting them out. They were planned this way and it does not affect main design. BTW it was a request from my customers.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TERMS OF USE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


♣ You CAN use my images, after you print them out, in your art and craft projects.
♣ You CAN incorporate my images in your own craft and art items.
♣ You CAN sell finished tangible items made by you (Not printed paper sheets) on Etsy or other virtual shops, craft and art fairs.
♣ You CAN sell the items made by you in a small commercial quantity (up to 150 times each item).
♣ You CAN re-print the items as many times as you need for your personal use.



♣ You CANNOT Re-sell my Digital images (Purchase doesn't transfer copyright!).

♣ You CANNOT Sell printed paper sheets (or transfer paper sheets) of my images (whole sheet or part of it).

♣ You CANNOT Use any part, or the entire sheet, to put into your own digital collage sheet.

♣ You CANNOT Incorporate any parts of my design in your digital designs and banners and sell it.

♣ You CANNOT Exhibit the digital images you purchased as they are at any personal virtual shop.
(However, you can photograph an item that you have created using my designs and put it in your Etsy shop, your website, blog, etc.)

♣ You CANNOT Sell my items as a part of Scrap-booking Kits.

♣ You CANNOT Sell my items as a part of DIY Kits (e.g. for pendants)

♣ You CANNOT Share purchased files with other people (You can refer them to my shop).

♣ You CANNOT Make Supply Stuff based on my images and sell it.

♣ You CANNOT Mass reproduce (The large-scale manufacturing and the wholesale production).

♣ You CANNOT Re-sale my digital images on CD’s.

♣ You CANNOT Claim copyright after purchasing. All rights reserved for ArtCult.

♣ You CANNOT Use my images or part of them in a digital form (e.g for website, blog decoration, banners etc.)

*By selling printed gift tags or greeting cards as they are at your virtual shop, you need to give me a credit: "Artist: ArtCult - Etsy" in the description of each such item and link to my shop:
Remember, only up to 150 items from each design!

**The items in "Printable Wall Art" section cannot be resold in any form - printed or digital. Unlimited printing for personal use. You can make gift items for your friends and family.

Thank you!