ArtHistory101's Shop Announcement

*Orders being placed on 10/31, after that I will not be accepting new orders for the 2014 season.

ArtHistory is back! Though only as a pop-up shop through mid November '14. All listings are pre-order and I'll only print what has been ordered. All listings expected to ship in the first half of November. Thanks.

Art history truly has a language and appreciation all its own. Remember being in class and trying to keep your Parmigianino's from your Caravaggio's? Your Bauhaus from your Futurists and it all spinning out of control faster than Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty became submerged?

Remember late nights cramming odd vocabulary that you never got to use in everyday conversation, but still wish you could? Look no further my fellow art friends - here you will find things like Chiaroscuro, Flying Buttresses and of course the requisite pop quiz.