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8 months

Just received wonderful endorsement : "You made a thick, fuzzy purple hat, sent to SacredStoneCamp. It was the warmest hat I found there, keeping me warm in -65°F ! Thanks for yr donation, it helped me survive. I appreciate it so much. Much love Brooklyn"

9 months

Custom Order Mark Two, for customers perusal. If it is still not quite 'hers', it will also become available to someone else's purchase, for the next month, before being sent into Beaniefest in mid May.

9 months

Custom Orders can be tricky. This one is ready for sending photos to customer, for her perusal before I send. She trusts me to 'know' what will suit her. If it's not quite right, I'll start another & this will become available for someone else. Maybe you?

9 months

Custom Order WIP...not quite happy with the last few rounds, it's coming in too soon. As I haven't yet got customers head size, think it needs unravelling and recroshaying. Make it more of a gumnut shape, before designing new scarf attachment. Any ideas?

10 months

Another beanie hat, ready for Alice Springs Beaniefest

11 months

Just learnt who is wearing one of my Sample Hats .... this lucky Rooster, sitting on the desk of Margot, in San Francisco, is now receving lots of attention. It has a great new home, may it encourage new customers to buy one for their own heads, soon.

1 year

New items .... soon to be listed

1 year

I've started work on next seasons unique exclusive art hats. Feeling inspired, as I start creating the first of my Beaniefest competition beanies. The ideas have started, my fingers are warming up, my yarns are 'speaking to me'. Order your unique hat NOW