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Some of my art pieces
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T h e S t o r y

As a child I was never good at expressing my feelings or emotions so I drew pictures. The response from what I created was breath taking. To have everyone engaged in my work and feel something tangible. To also look at other artist and listen to the stories they tell with just an image. It pushed my motivation forward.

Pursue being an artist. Not for the money but for the pleasure of telling people a story.To tell another person a different tale. To inspire other to share their story. Only the eyes can read.

I love the idea of how someone can stare into a piece of artwork and obtain a certain emotion from it. Just to interpret and take in what the other is feeling just by sight alone is beautiful. I wanted to create work centered around this concept and Artofprincessm was created.

This shop started its journey April 1 2012

Here is what others have to say
"Princess M, who produces work that seems so beautiful and delicate on one hand, but strong and emotional on the other hand. Each piece seems to tell a story and the longer you look at an image, the more you see, because of their intricate nature."
-Ann m Bone

" Your work in my opinion set in stone buy god. "
-Craig Alexander

"The art of Princess M is the art of everything relevant to aspect of human life.Manifested deep within the soul"
-Adam Faz
Princess M
owner, maker, designer, Emerging artist, Illustrator
illustrator and emerging artist and believer of many mythical beings.
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  • Print on Demand Service Santa Monica, CA, United States All totes and clocks will be made through this manufactuer
  • Print on Demand service Canada All phone cases and pillows are printed through this manufacturer
  • Print On Demand Service San Antonio, TX, United States Canvas Prints will be made here
  • Print On Demand Clothing Service Los Angeles, CA, United States Shirts and tank tops will be made using this manufacturer
  • Print On Demand Service Oklahoma Oklahoma, United States Newer model of phone cases, Laptop cases, and Tablet Cases are Printed here.