Work space, HP printer, paper cutter, cubbies.
3 1/2 foot antique cubbies help some of my supplies stay organized
Holding up a 16 x 20 print of one of my own watercolor paintings.
Tack board where some of my prints await their new owners:)
Epson 3880 large format printer.

Etsy helps me share my love of art.

The Etsy community gives creativity a place to thrive. Watercolor painting gives me my own creative outlet. Looking at masterful artwork feeds my soul. I love searching out such artwork, spending time appreciating artists styles. and seeing what they have created, and then it doubles my pleasure to share their masterpieces with my customers. It seems there is a bit of artistry in all of us. Those who visit my shop will see that I have a real committment to their happiness through art. Their house can be filled with wonder---the wonder of so much artistic talent. The customer has the talent of recognizing greatness and surrounding themselves with it---that is their innate gift. And, of course, a bit of whimsy thrown in never hurt either.
Current versus retro.
Diane Dean
owner, Retro

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