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Announcement   Notice a distinct lack of product? Yeah me too. Sucks don't it? I need to clear a few things off my plate before I can get back into the shop. On the plus side, I'm getting in some new equipment and materials so check back soon. As always, feel free to contact me with any exceptional projects you need help with.

Plastic is NOT steampunk.


Notice a distinct lack of product? Yeah me too. Sucks don't it? I need to clear a few things off my plate before I can get back into the shop. On the plus side, I'm getting in some new equipment and materials so check back soon. As always, feel free to contact me with any exceptional projects you need help with.

Plastic is NOT steampunk.

Christopher Bright

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Christopher Bright


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Anonymous on Aug 4, 2012

5 out of 5 stars

❀❤ Thank you so much for working with me and helping make this little project of mine a reality! I'll be coming back for all of my metal working needs! ❤❀

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2012

5 out of 5 stars

These goggles were amazing! Even cooler than they looked in the photos, they were solidly constructed, with a great, authentic steampunk look. They arrived in a wooden box for storage, and as soon as I opened them, I was impressed. They were just what I was looking for to complete my costume-I'd definitely order from this shop again!

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A Modern Workshop Inspired by Victorian Era Techniques.

Have you ever had a puzzle inside your head that you knew you could solve if you just worked at it long enough? That's what my creations are for me.

Don't call me an artists. An artist has something to say. What an artist creates is a form of communication. What I create is a solution to a problem and what I sell is the necessary byproduct of that process. But they are cool, and people like them, and they show off a skill-set that is uncommon in polite company. Like if you learned that your manager at work can juggle.

After a particularly dramatic decade in my life I have found a bit of stability creating and selling decorative metalworks. Steampunk is an aesthetic and a genre that I fell in love with immediately and only later realized the implications this should have on a man already besotted by the 'age of steam'.

So there it is. If you want something awesome made out of copper or brass (or other metals if I'm feeling accommodating) drop me a line. Maybe a copper sink basin or counter-top? Maybe a pair of steampunk goggles for your next oil-soaked airship adventure? I can do that. That, and so much more.


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  • Christopher

    Owner, Contraptioneer

    Do you like Steampunk? It's okay if you don't; you may still enjoy some of the things that come out of my workshop. I am a metal worker, I call what I do 'Pseudo-Historical Decorative Metalsmithing'. I hit metal with hammers until it is awesome.

  • Stacy

    Maker, Beadsmith & Certified Glass-Hole

    Stacy has developed an obsession with glass ever since watching Mark Haller (of Haller Glass) perform at our local Renn Faire.Like her husband, Stacy shares a passion for the unconventional and experimental.

Shop policies

Last updated on June 22, 2012
Steampunk and pseudo-historical craftsmanship at its finest. What you see in my shop has already been made and is ready to be shipped. Plastic is NOT steampunk.

Do not call me an artist. Artists love what they create like a parent. Or they hate it like the parent of an evil child; hate tempered by the love for the child that should have been. Nor am I an artisan. An artisan creates to fill the needs of others.

I am an artificer. I create objects to solve a problem. Like a mathematician I love the proof not the paper it was written on. The object itself I cherish like a sickly kitten; enjoying the time I have with her until she leaves this world. I sell my finished metal-craft because it offends my wife and children when I shred them into melting stock.

Accepted payment methods

  • Pay with Visa
  • Pay with Master Card
  • Pay with American Express
  • Pay with Discover
  • Pay with PayPal
  • Money Order
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  • Other Method
I expect to be paid. I prefer PAYPAL for the time being, but ... I'm easy.

If you purchase my work I would like you to pay me within 3 days or contact me within 3 days if you have some special concerns you would like me to attend to.

If you are paying by personal check or money-order, I expect you to contact me within 3 days of clicking 'BUY' to let me know this and to personally advise me when your payment has shipped. I will ship the purchase as soon as your check clears.

If your check bounces for any reason I will cancel your order and you will not be a customer of mine again, ever. If you worry about your bank account balance, send a money-order. Maybe have a good hard look at whether $100-300 for a metal trinket is a good idea right now. I'm not judging.

If you pay by money-order, best make it a brand of money-order I recognize. Send me an American-Express, Western-Union, Moneygram, or US Post Office money-order and I will ship as soon as I receive it. If you send me a squirrely 'gas-station' money-order and I will cash it first then ship, maybe it adds a day to your delivery date.

Basically, as soon as I am sure I am getting paid I will ship the product the that day or the next business day.
For metal worked items ONLY:
I use USPO First Class or the Priority "If it fits, it ships" depending on cost vs. benefit (delivery time). I live on top of one of the USPO hubs and my shipping times with parcel post are usually very good. If I can save more than just one day of transit by going with Priority shipping I will at no additional cost when inside the USA.

For shipping outside the USA I use First Class Mail International Post. I will always have a tracking number if it is an available option.

Shipping is free to residents of the USA, and usually about $5.00 to Canadians, and $10 to everyone else but may vary depending on item.

If you buy more than one item I will waive all shipping charges, regardless of destination.

For Glass items ONLY:

Glass is shipped first class mail. If you order two or more items they will be shipped together Priority mail and any excess will be refunded to you. Stacy has no issues with having the postage printed on the mailer so there are no questions.
Refunds and Exchanges
Here's the deal. Know what you want to buy before you click 'BUY'. If you want to take something of mine for a test drive for the weekend, send me a convo. and we'll work that out.

Within 3 calendar days of your purchase being delivered you will inspect the item for damage and decide if it is as awesome as you had been lead to believe. If the item is not as described it is at this point that you should send me a message stating so.

If you abide by this simple requirement, I will bend heaven to earth and break apart the very firmament of creation, if needed, to satisfy your needs. If this is something you cannot be bothered to do, then 3 days after the item arrives I spend your payment and you will not get it back. If you will not be present for delivery I assume you have appointed whoever signs for the package to take possession of it under these terms. If that is not the case, tell your fellow house-mates not to sign for your packages.

If the item was broken during delivery (something I doubt very much, very very much) I will advise you. I may have you hold it while I begin a claim with the USPS or I may have you send it back right away. In either case, once I recover the product I will refund your return shipping costs and repair the product. A repaired product functions like a new one but looks like a repaired one. Frankly my new stuff looks an awful lot like my repaired stuff and vice versa.

If you simply decide you don't like it after all, then within that 3 days after delivery you must email or convo me telling me so. Perhaps there is something I can do. Perhaps not. I won't argue with you; I can't 'make' you like it.

So long as you reviewed the item within 3 days of delivery and contact me within that time, I will have you ship it back at your expense for a refund of the purchase price. If I made any special accommodations for you that cost me time or money I may reduce your refund by this amount.
Additional policies and FAQs
Q: Do you make this yourself?
A: Yes. Sometimes I use factory made screws or other minor hardware so long as they are brass or other appropriate materials. Other times I turn my own screws and use those.

Q: Do you really swear a lot.
A: No more than necessary. Sometimes that means none at all for days and days. But those would be pretty boring days.

Q: Do you really throw away items if they don't sell.
A: Absolutely not. I shred those items into granulated copper and melt it down. Then I use it in another project. (Ask about Whitey's head :)

Q: Do you accept custom orders?
A: Yes and ... sort of yes. I will take an order for a specific piece but I will bill fully for my time. Most of the prices that go up on Etsy are subsidized by myself to offset the value of the experience I had creating that item. If you want me to make it again then you pay for the entire value of my labor, which can end up being a lot higher than the price I put on the original.

Q: And the sort-of yes?
A: If you have an idea for a project and you sell me on it, there is a good chance I may build it and give you first shot at buying it.

Q: Do you guarantee your work?
A: I guarantee the workmanship of the metalwork for 6 months. If there is a problem it will shake out by then. If something comes up though, contact me. I fix MY mistakes not your abuse.

Q: Why buy from you?
A: You have good taste and an eye for value. Seriously. From the perspective of sturdiness, I don't skimp at any point. I don't use soft-solder or glue. I don't use leather anywhere except the straps. And while I don't usually put out a product with a factory fit and finish, my products have a rugged charm that says "I'm not made of plastic and I'm not afraid of you"

Q: I see scratches and dents and tool marks. Why do you try to sell such crappy workmanship.
A: Shove it. To get the metal into the shape I want it I cannot simply ask it politely. Like a whiny customer, sometimes you have to get a hammer and hit it repeatedly. My goal is always function and economy of effort. If a little silver solder left on the side is all it takes to scare you off you probably should go buy some leather goggles or plastic ones. That said, I hope you don't.

It is our flaws as well as our virtues that make us who we are.