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It’s true what they say, life is a journey.

Often it takes us places we never planned to go. My journey that I call artigiano has been quite unexpected. Metal is not my medium. Hard and cranky, it has never called to me. I have always been drawn to soft, mushy stuff that I can push around on a whim: charcoal, clay, oils. Yet here I am, on this path I did not seek.

My dad was a master of metal. When I was a kid, we did a project or 2: my precious little opossum, a smiling kitty face. And I went on my artistic journey elsewhere - time spent with my first love - drawing; a career in graphic design; more drawing. When much later in life we lost our beloved metal smith to a sudden devastating illness, closing the door on the world that he had created proved too painful... too cruel
to bear. So though well along the way to other lives, I began a detour. I battled with metal. How could I make this difficult medium obey my will? To this day, I can’t honestly explain how it’s happened. And yet, we’ve made our peace, metal and I. Somehow the battle has become a collaboration, an unlikely partnership of sorts.

The workshop is my escape, a dreamworld. Here wishes are made real, to be held in your hand and treasured for years to come... the spark of an idea that takes hold deep in the night grows beyond my imagination. My shop here on etsy displays but a few of my favorite obsessions. On the blog, some of the colors and images that my tiny artisinal hideaway offers me as generous inspiration throughout the seasons are recorded, should anyone wish to sneak away for a moment.

Thank you for tiptoeing into my world... I hope that here you might find a wish worthy of holding onto.
owner, maker, designer
Maker of many things, often found drawing, baking elaborate cakes, fixing something, or digging in the dirt. Oh, and working... custom graphic design, illustration, project plans & management.
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  • casting shop New York, NY, United States I use a reputable, family-owned NY casting shop to help me produce a small percentage of my raw materials in order to bring my limited production, original, copyrighted designs to you at an affordable level.

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