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Please Read This.

or why I no longer consider this country my home.
by Kathie Couch-Lewandowski

My son, Michael, has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Michael does not have a history of smoking.

Michael is 36 years old.

Lung cancer is not a part of his family history.

Michael has always lived a healthy life-style.

Michael participated in sports as a child, an adolescent and as an adult.

Some of those activities include Track, Cross Country Running, Soccer, Swimming, Baseball, Gymnastics, Tennis, Basketball, Tag Football and dance lessons. voice lessons, music lessons, creative story telling and creative writing with iis mom from the first day of his birth.

Michael has been a runner, has exercised and has lifted weights throughout his life.

Michael was a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout.

During childhood, adolescence and as an adult Michael has made healthy food choices.

When hungry the "house rule" was to make something from a well stocked panty and refrigerator.

In the fall of 2001 Michael was a senior at Pittsburgh University in the state of Pennsylvania.

Michael was a Resident Assistant his senior year at Pittsburgh University.

Michael's 5 year goal was to obtain a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh.

Michael was part of the a team of archaeologists in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

Michael worked with the archaeologists during the summers of his Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years while attending Pittsburgh University.

Michael studied and strived diligently throughout his college career.

In December of 2001 Michael signed an Officers Commitment to the United States Army.

Michael graduated from Pittsburgh University in the spring of 2001; prior to the invasion on Iraq.

Michael aspired to protect United States Citizens and his fellow members of the Armed forces.

Michael graduated from Officers Candidate School and Officers Basic training in 2003.

Michael was deployed to Iraq in 2003.

Michael achieved the rank of US Army Captain.

Michael received the Bronze Star after completing a vital combat assignment.

There were neither Civilian nor US Military casualties.

Michael was deployed to Afghanistan in 2004.

Michael was the Executive Officer (the XO) during his Afghanistan deployment.

Michael received orders as a Temporary Company Commander while stationed on the Eastern Border of Afghanistan.

Michael was employed by both General Dynamics and ESP assigned to acquisitions in Kuwait City.

Michael returned to the United States in May of 2004.

Michael was assigned to Military Acquisitions at Selfridge Air Force National Guard Base Located near; Mount Clemens, Michigan until September 2013.

Michael joined the San Jose, CA police department in September 2013.

Michael joined the National Guard Reserve Unit in CA as well.

Michael signed on as full time active military in the Spring of 2015.

Michael applied for the Executive Officer Position at the National Guard Reserve Unit located in Moffett Federal Airfield; outside of Mountain View, CA.

Michael has been diagnosed with cancer of the lung, bone, adrenals and brain.

Michael has been undergoing radiation treatments.

Michael has undergone a spinal neck fusion surgery.

Michael is presently being treated for pulmonary embolisms in a hospital ICU unit.

Michael will be undergoing chemotherapy once the pulmonary embolisms are resorbed and radiation treatments are complete.

Michael is being treated at Standford University Hospital Oncology Unit in Palo Alto, CA.

Michael is under the care of Oncologist Dr. Joel Neal, MD, PhD.

As Michael's mom, I am very appreciative for each and all optimistic thought, word, prayer and time spent on Michael's behalf.

For those wishing to send a donation, please specify Oncologist Dr. Joel Neal, MD, PhD at Standford University Hospital Oncology Unit 300 Pasteur Drive, Standford, CA 94305

Our sons and daughters are a country's most valuable resource.

Please Do Something to Stop This Atrocity.

In my opinion despicable decisions military contractors and politicians are not willing to subject either themselves and/or their off-spring to be "victims of" but without hesitation continue to disregard American Citizens basic human rights.

Perhaps they should reread the US Constitution. Perhaps those decision makers should be deported to Antartica into toxic burn pits without respirators, armored vehicles, coats, shelter or food.

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