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Hi There is a glitch in Etsy when adding a dog or other animal to a bride & groom cake topper...if you are trying to add a dog, cat or animal figurine to a bride & groom cake topper and an additional high shipping charge is being added it is an error...since I do not sell the pets alone I have had to put a $75. shipping charge to stop people from trying order them without a bride & groom figurine...I have my shipping profile set up for a $0 additional shipping charge when ordered with a bride & groom topper...unfortunately Etsy will sometimes add the additional $75. anyway....please convo me if this is happening & I will send you a link...or if you may see the appropriate link below that matches the type of animal...breed...and size...I have many breeds and size combinations...there is a Search Box within my shop for just 1 pet or animal...the links below or the more common 2 pet request....there is a note to seller box to specify breed...please scroll down on a listing to be sure the breed you want is available as an option within that can also request hair color, bouquet the bride is holding color, type of bride & groom figurine and glass bead color in the note to seller box.

Link for 2 regular adult dog bride & groom cake topper

Link for 1 regular adult sized dog and 1 larger breed adult sized dog bride & groom cake topper

Link for 2 larger sized adult sized dogs bride & groom cake topper

Link for 2 cat bride & groom cake topper

Link for an adult dog and a cat or larger sized puppy bride & groom cake topper

Link for 2 larger sized puppies, 2 cats or 1 larger puppy with 1 cat bride & groom cake topper

Link for 2 smaller sized cats with bride and groom cake topper

Link for 1 adult sized dog and 1 smaller sized puppy bride & groom cake topper

Link for 2 smaller sized puppy bride & groom cake topper

Link for 1 larger adult sized dog and 1 toy breed dog or medium sized puppy

Link for 2 Woodland, Safari or Farm figurines with a bride & groom topper

Please note... I ship Priority mail on 98% of my items...except for a few small items such as single garters, boutineers and verify there is a notation in the description on each listing the bottom...verifying shipping class.

Please note options are now available in the drop down boxes. I am currently updating my listings....If you see a color offered as an option on any listing....that color is available on all listings...choose the "custom color" option on the listing you would like to order and note the color you would prefer in the note to seller box.

****Please do a search prior to ordering to verify what one of my color shades looks like. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have...such as pale blush peach is a very light shade... lighter than blush pink is a very light shade...lighter than pastel pink....or dark charcoal gray is a very dark shade...darker than dark gray.****

Before ordering an item such as a boutineer or a cake topper...please show your finance or whoever you are ordering the item for first...particularly if the item was further customized such as adding twine around the stem at no additional charge...changing figurine hair colors and the bouquet color at no additional charge...hand-dying fabric at no additional charge ...there is a no refund policy because he does not like an example....with over 15 designs, 70 flower colors, 44 glass bead colors, 24 Swarovski Crystal colors & 2 wire bead spray colors and over and there are over 111,375,000 ways to order a cake topper....there are thousands f possible ways to order a boutineer..and it is unlikely that another person will order the exact same colors and materials as you did....therefore as my policy states....please consider seriously before ordering...I can not accept returns because someone changes their mind or because you did not check with the person receiving the item first....please utilized the search box within in my shop for colors & flower types...I will be promptly answer any questions...sending a color swatch to me is an option time permitting.

Of course I would resend at no additional charge a it if I make an error...or if a post-office damages an item or if an item is lost.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.