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We have lots of READY to SHIP hair pieces that will ship within two days of your order (as long as it's cleared through paypal) Turn around time is 7-10days currently!

We only use High Quality Bohyme Brand Hair for our Extensions! This is the BEST brand of human hair you can buy!!

♥ ONEOFAKIND gets you 10% off orders!♥


Don't be fooled by the cheap imitations and google images... <3 We do not buy hair from overseas..we buy and dye all of our hair in the USA. All pictures of my hair are my actual work and I took the pictures. They are copyrighted.

I only use Bohyme Brand, 100% High Quality Human Remy Hair!! Not cheep human hair mixes!!


8/31/15♥~~~♥ALL International Shipping now cost $45 dollars, so the item will be track-able, and in order to track internationally your order will need to be sent Priority Mail or Certified Mail-- this is only because Paypal rules say so, I have lost money on orders trying to work with International customers and it is very disheartening to create these lovely hair pieces and pay to ship them, just
to have some one say that they did not receive them!

To ship to Canada with tracking cost $12

8/31/15♥~~~♥Turn Around Time 7-10 days Currently ♥ ~~~♥

WE WILL PRICE MATCH CERTAIN SHOPS ON ETSY...THE ONES THAT KNOW SELL QUALITY HAIR...(not the ebay sellers in China) Just send me a link to the listing you want me to price match and I will let you know if they are one of the shops I can price match.

Check out our facebook page for coupon codes! We normally have one listed you may have to dig around a bit. [copy and paste]

Made in the USA, We have you covered! We have every length, 6 Inches to 30 Inches Long! If you dont see what your looking for feel free to contact me about a custom order, I love custom orders!

We are open EVERYDAY, even Sundays I answer emails and dye hair. We ship EVERYDAY but Sunday (because the USPS is closed-or we would).

*♥*Please expect to wait the 7-10 day creation period. I always try to and most of the time (80%) I get your orders out in 7-10 days. but thanks for being patient.

~~~~ ♥♥ ~~~~ ♥♥IMPORTANT INFORMATION♥♥ ~~~~ ♥♥♥

Etsy email is the best way to communicate--I check this email at least every 2 hours during business times, and I always check it first thing on my phone before I even drink a cup of coffee in the morning. :) You guys mean alot to me, and your business is what keeps me going everyday!

I will post on here when I am on vacation.

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We now have these available in 4oz Spray Bottles with these fun flavors:

Confetti Cake
Strawberries n' Cream
Sugar Cookies
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Cup Cake
Vanilla Butter-cream

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"R U S H" Listings below:

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I have a standard 7 to 14 business day creation period for orders during non busy times...unless they are marked as ready to ship ( I have a whole section of READY TO SEND hair) it ships out within 24hrs of payment. As stated at the top of the this page, creation periods vary due to how many orders I have. so my standard 7-14 may take 14 days during busy times.

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I ship to PayPal Address' only! and with SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION ON ORDERS OVER $240!! NO EXCEPTIONS WHAT SO EVER-dont ask, I will NOT accommodate.

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All my hair is dyed by me in my studio & All my clip-in extensions are DOUBLE wefted.

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22-30 Inch hair is available, please send me a convo if you'd like these lengths! longer hair cost more, and there is a long, blond, hair shortage going on.

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Check out my F.A.Q Page at:

it will answer most, if not all, of your questions. But feel free to email me with any questions.

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:) Thanks. ♥ lots of love.

No Returns on Hair Extensions! Very Important Return Policy:

Return Policy♥♥♥ Please Read♥♥♥Thank You!
Due to the irreversible nature of the ombre coloring process, I cannot offer any returns or exchanges. However, we can minimize the possibility of a mismatch in a couple ways: you send me as many pictures of your hair in natural lighting that properly display the true color of your hair, and the use of my color chart on the FAQ page, to describe your hair color and/or ombre colors. This will give me all the info I need to match the ombre within a
shade. The nice thing about my ombre product is that even if they're not matched perfectly (say, a half shade or shade off), the extensions will blend with your hair and the difference will be virtually unnoticeable.

All items are now trackable even International orders!

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