ArtrageousWearables' Shop Announcement

Welcome to our shop where every item is created by me, one at a time with lots of love. I am starting to add some items for spring and Easter. Yes, I realize it does not feel like spring right now, but Easter is on its way. So check out the cute bunnies, colorful flowers, birds, and nests. You can still find the January SALE shirts in the Oops, I'm only Human Section, so take a peek!

I thought that I would explain a little more about discharging because from questions I can tell there is a lot of confusion. The process of discharging involves taking out color. So I start with mostly black t-shirts and I take out some of the color before I go back and redye the t-shirt with procion dyes. It is not a silk screen process where once I make the screen I can just keep printing the same design over and over. It is really a one at a time t-shirt process. I start by drawing my idea or design onto freezer paper, next I cut out all of the parts and pieces and iron them onto the black t-shirt. The parts that are black when you see a t-shirt posted are where the freezer paper protected the t-shirt from the discharge process. After discharging the t-shirt which is done in a variety of ways, I peel off the freezer paper, and through it away. The process ruins the freezer paper so each time I make even the same idea I have to start from the beginning. Anyway after I peel off the freezer paper, I then wash the t-shirt. Now I am ready to add some color back into the shirt. After the dyed part cures for 24 plus hours I am ready to wash the t-shirt a couple of times to take out the excess dyes. Now I am ready to post it for your viewing pleasure. So as you can see lots of love goes into each item.'o)

This next message is to all of you lovely ladies that drop by and take a look at the woman's t-shirts. I find that different brands of woman's shirts really do vary quite a bit, so check out the measurements in each listing and then compare your with favorite shirt. Do not limit yourself to just looking for your usual size, you may be surprised.
Finally I do special orders if you need a particular size and I can usually come pretty close or I can change up the colors. So please contact me if you need something special. Hope this helps.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.