Inspiring one- of- a- kind- pieces of wearable art

Unique jewellery to brighten our lives

Ioanna Misdrakou began making jewellery almost three years ago while living in Athens. Since then she has relocated to London, however her desire for creativity has remained unchanged.

Ioanna is entirely self-taught as a jewellery artist. Nurtured by a mother who enjoys making beautiful things like sewing and embroidery, she was encouraged to try anything.

Before discovering her passion for jewellery art, Ioanna studied Social Anthropology, a discipline that made her appreciate diversity and uniqueness in human expression. And one of a kind jewellery is a way of standing out and speaking about oneself without using words.

She does not confine herself to one specific jewellery technique, allowing the materials to inspire her final design. She is continuously looking for new techniques and experimenting with new materials, combining them into one piece: fabric and resin, crochet and stitching, beading and sewing.

Each piece is a well-crafted work of wearable art.

To those who know her well, the selection of the name for her business was no surprise; "Arts in pants" captures the essence of her own character; always restless and excited.
Ioanna Misdrakou
owner, designer, maker