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I'm the illustrator for Color Me Calm, Color Me Happy, Color Me Stress-free and Creative Haven Entangled.

Illustrations by myself also appear in the I Can't Sleep Colouring Book, Japanese Patterns, Scandinavian Folk Patterns and 60s Patterns published by Michael O'Mara Books.

I'm a fifty-something mostly self-taught artist and I find my inspiration from nature, especially ammonites and other fossils, macroscopic and microscopic images of living things, Romanesque and Gothic architecture, Early Celtic art, Prehistoric art and monuments, OS Maps, satellite images of the Earth, and the Universe in all its wondrous glory.

Much of my work is abstract with flowing shapes, lines and colours that create crazily textured and detailed artworks. I have an inner raven that will not be denied; it insists I add metallic and iridescent accents to just about every piece of work I create.

I love to work in a flowing, free and easy way, seeing where inspiration and intuition take me, allowing me to create beauty from a blank surface or one filled with seeming chaos - either starting point works for me! Spirals and swirls and organically flowing forms are a feature of my work.

My work is often guided by inner journeys of exploring and understanding myself, or of the inner responses to various experiences I have in my life and it helps in bringing some sense of order and understanding to the seemingly chaotic experience we call life. I try to create representations of the unconscious flows of thought, perception, experience and energy through the abstract forms of art.

I love colour, working with its symbolic representations - colour evokes strong responses in us all on an unconscious level, and it is this unconscious well of inspiration I seek to tap into and use in my work.

My favourite media include technical drawing pens, watercolours, inks, coloured pencils and metallic paints and pens. Another way I enjoy expressing my inner self involves the use of felt, needle felting, beads, wires, metallic threads and other shiny, shimmery, iridescent bits and bobs. If it involves intricate, fussy work in a free-form, unconstrained manner (even though the finished piece always appears constrained and precise) I love it!

Into each artwork, I pour a little bit of my own experiences and feelings at the time, and know that others will find the art means something very personal to them too.

By day I teach science to pupils with special educational needs, but outside of work much of my time is devoted to artistic and creative pursuits.

I hope you share in the great joy, pleasure and love I feel when I create my art.