The purpose of our business

Our butterflies live a full life and come from butterfly farms worldwide. Eggs laid on leaves in the wild rainforests are collected and hatched in the farms. Only a very small percentage (about 5%) of butterfly eggs survive to adulthood in the wild, whereas in butterfly farms the insects survival rate jumps to 80%! Most female butterflies tend to be less colorful and are released back into the wild. So collecting butterflies actually saves butterflies & the rainforest!

The word Asana represents the most still meditative place of the human soul to accomplish enlightenment. Our artwork is also intended to convey peace in its elegant portrayal of nature in still life. As a mother/daughter team, Cindy and I (Zell) started Asana Natural Arts in September 2010 after visiting our first butterfly conservatory earlier that year. The desire to preserve the elegance and grace of butterflies is offered within our art products. We hope our creation’s will have as much of a positive effect on you as they have for us.
(Missy) Zell Lee
Butterflies and nature have touched my life profoundly and has provided great meaning to the purpose of my artwork.

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