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AscendedEarth is taking a short break.

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Hello :)

My shop will be closed until July 13th, as I have just prepared my Summer Solstice essence, and need a short vacation :) If you would like to view my essences before I reopen, feel free to visit my website,

Thanks so much to all who have supported my work so far this year! Please check back in July and I will have the new essence online.


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AscendedEarth's Shop Announcement

**PLEASE NOTE** My shop will be closed from TONIGHT, May 29th at Midnight EST to July 6th so I can prepare and create my Summer Solstice essence :)

☼☼ Thanks for visiting! ☼☼ All Ascended Earth Essences hold 5th-11th Dimensional frequencies and are created in partnership with Galactic, Angelic, and Elemental Beings, and Divine Guidance. Each essence is individually hand bottled with much care, and custom attuned to support you with an infusion of high vibrational energy, channeled from your Spiritual Support Team. This custom process is both spiritual and scientific, and creates a very effective essence that is tailor-made for your individual needs.

For a little bit about me and my work, please click below:

And here is more information:

I appreciate you taking the time to look through my store, and feel free to contact me any time with questions :)


Crystal essences can be very supportive in helping you to stay balanced and adjust to the changes on the planet. They can also help accelerate your spiritual evolution :)


If you are interested in a Custom Essence Blend, I can combine either 3 essences in one bottle, or 4-6, especially for you! I can also intuit a blend for you with a consultation.

Here's the listings:

If you would like to view or download my current essence catalog, please go here:

Thank you!