Ashley Lauren's Creations

Just a recent grad with a lifelong love of crochet, trying to pay off her student loans and keep herself sane with yarn. Lots and lots of yarn.

Though I started crocheting (or, more accurately, tying knots with my grandma's yarn) at about age three, I didn't truly become an entrepreneur until I was about 7. My craft business boomed as I set up shop, the way most do with lemonade, selling yarn pom-poms on the sidewalk outside our house in historic Cape May. It took quite a salesgirl to make $15 in one hour selling pom-poms, but I did it.

Eventually, my craft business grew to include fabric pillows and whatever crochet projects tickled my fancy, and I traveled to local craft shows and markets to sell my wares. Once the pressure of high school AP courses and college applications set in, however, there was no more time for craft shows. Heck, there was hardly any time for crafting!

My hobbies persevered, however, though four years of college at a top-60 university in Manhattan, and I've finally come back around to creating at the pace I used to. Of course, I'm hoping for bigger gains than my days of selling pom-poms, unless I can convince my student loan lenders to accept pretty blankets in lieu of monthly payments!

When I'm not wrapped up in yarn or dreaming up the most difficult possible way to conquer a new project, I'm a professional writer at a local newspaper, freelance communications director, parasail scheduler, and occasional babysitter. Hey, every bit helps, right?

I'm still in the process of getting my inventory added and the shop up to date, so bear with me while I work in between deadlines and yarn frenzies to make this online venue as cozy as can be.
Ashley Lauren
owner, designer, maker, Yarn Cultivator, Collector of Scissors
It's hard to imagine, at 23, that I've been doing anything for 20 years, except maybe eating, drinking and sleeping, but crochet has always been one of those life basics to me. I love crochet, knitting, sewing, cooking, and trying hard to budget. :)