AshleysRibbonAndLace's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Ashley’s Ribbon & Lace!
Ashley here! I have always had a passion for sewing, crafts and baking. I grew up in rural western Kansas, and had many people in my life that influenced me and taught me the basics.
I have always been interested in learning how to make new things. Currently I am enjoying crafting tutus and cloth crib shoes. I have many ideas that I would like to try including dress making, purses/handbags, aprons, bibs, quilting, reusable shopping bags, home and office storage/organization products and paper crafts.
I love making tutus! As a child I would have adored a tutu (or 2) to play dress up in! I enjoy the design process with so many colors to choose from. Mixing colors to make different hues/shades has been exciting for me. I craft my tutus with several layers of tulle to create a very full beautiful silhouette.
Selling my handcrafted items is rewarding in itself just knowing the high level of quality I am putting out there. The buyer’s happiness with my product is of utmost importance to me. I strive to provide the highest quality with original design in everything I craft.
Best of all, everything in my shop is MADE IN THE USA!!!
I like crafting new ideas to post here on Etsy, however I do prefer to make customized products.
If you’re going to purchase a product, shouldn’t it be everything you want it to be?
Thank you for visiting Ashley’s Ribbon & Lace!